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Admission of Working Adults into Doctoral Degree Programs

The Institute welcomes working adults to apply for and enroll in a doctoral program. Prospective applicants are requested to submit their application after finding an academic supervisor who will provide the necessary research guidance (see below for more information).

Knowledge and technical expertise acquired through education and research have always contributed to improving people’s lives by enabling economic growth and development of industries. However, we are now living in an age where human knowledge is growing and technological changes are occurring at an ever-increasing rate. Not only are advanced knowledge and skills fundamental to research activities, but advanced expertise is also key to contributing to economic activities. In order for working adults to remain competitive, it is essential that they continue their personal development by updating their knowledge and skills so that they may keep abreast of the latest developments in their fields.

Finding an academic supervisor

Prospective applicants must find an academic supervisor prior to their application (refer to the Institute’s department websites to search for faculty members), and contact him or her to discuss their intended application and research. Applicants should also discuss how they wish to balance their research with work.

The Entrance Examination Schedule, together with PDF versions of application guidelines, may be found on Tokyo Tech website (see below). However, prospective applicants must consult the printed edition of the guidelines for the most up to date information regarding important dates and the method of application.

List of departments and links to their websites
Doctoral Program Entrance Examination Schedule
Application guidelines


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