Campus guides & PR supporters

Center for Public Affairs and Communications is looking for students interested in becoming involved in the following university activities.

Campus guides: escorting visitors

Campus guides make plans for campus visitors (mainly high school students) according to their specific requests, and give advice about studying and school life. We are looking for students with fresh ideas interested in using their ingenuity to introduce Tokyo Tech to potential future students.

Tokyo Tech undergraduate and graduate students
Job description:
Preparation, guiding, summarizing questionnaire results
Approx. 5 hours per group visit (Approx. 3 hours on the day of the visit)
¥1,000/ hour

PR supporters: creation of advertising

Creation of advertising

This position involves the creation of an illustrated campus (Japanese) map and writing "student project" contents for the Institute's newsletter, TechTech (Japanese). We are looking for students interested in creatively expressing the spirit of Tokyo Tech.

Tokyo Tech undergraduates
Job Description:
Creation of "Tech Tech - Student Projects"
Tech Tech is issued twice each year. One issue is a 4-month undertaking.
¥1,000/ hour


We are looking forward to talking with you!

Download job application and bank transfer form

  • Job application: WordWord(Japanese) PDFPDF(Japanese)
  • Bank transfer form: Excel Excel(Japanese) PDFPDF(Japanese)

Applications are also available at the Student Support Division.
Contact: Public Relations Center (03-5734-2975


  • Public Relations and Outreach Division (Ookayama Campus Administration Office Building 1, 4 Fl)