Financial Aid for Doctoral Students (TRA)


Tokyo Institute of Technology launched a program to lighten the financial burden on doctoral course students in 2008. Doctoral course students who enrolled Tokyo Tech in April 2008 or later and meet eligibility requirements below can receive the amount equivalent to their full tuition (half of the tuition for students who are exempted half of the tution) in consideration of duties as Teaching and Research Assistants. The purpose of this program is to financially support our doctoral students with outstanding qualification and abilities so that they can devote themselves to their research without excessive concern for the financial burden involved. Students should apply for the TRA with full understanding of this purpose. Aid may be terminated due to a student's inadeqate performance as a TRA or poor academic achievement.


In principle, students who are not eligible for aid through this system include:

Recipients of aid for their tuition fees such as Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Students, Foreign Government-Sponsored Students, etc.
JSPS Fellows and RIKEN Junior Research Associates
Students sent by a company, etc. whose tuition fees are paid by the company, etc., and students who are unable to receive financial aid due to employment regulations, restricted hours, etc.
Students who are exempted from the full amount of tuition fees in accordance with the Regulation on Exemption from Tuition Fees
Students repeating a year (aid provided to those repeating due to illness, etc.) etc.
Recipients of other aid of an amount equivalent to tuition fees


  • The same procedures like usual TA or RA must be taken.
  • This financial aid is employment income. Please note that the salary by this program should be considered in your application for exemption from tuition or scholarships, etc. for the next academic year.
  • This program is not the exemption from tuition. Students without those who are exempted from the full amount of tuition need to pay the tuition by the designated deadline.
  • If a student engages in TA or RA supported by a graduate school, a department and G-COE etc., its amount can be included in this aid.
  • In principle, students need to engage in TRA at Tokyo Tech campus..

Application information is announced in February every year (in the beginning of each semester for new enrollment students in April and October) through each department.