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The Ideal University Student Sought by Tokyo Institute of Technology

Become Men and Women of Science Who Create and Open the Way

To our applicants

From the farthest reaches of space to microscopic and nanoscale objects; from the abstract beauty of pure mathematics to life created in a laboratory flask. Scholarship in the natural sciences covers virtually everything that exists in nature. Outstanding ideas and techniques from the natural sciences have already permeated scholarly fields in the humanities, and they are opening up new horizons.

This is the unceasing challenge for Tokyo Tech - innovation undreamed of by those who went before. Founded in 1881, Tokyo Tech has become a leading science and engineering university and driving force for Japan. We have built a wealth of wisdom and knowledge, and close cooperative ties with universities and research institutions around the world.

We have our gaze fixed firmly and ambitiously on the future of humankind, with our thoughts on harmony with the global environment. At the same time, however, we are working constantly on whatever is at hand, even a single screw, as we seek ways to make tomorrow more comfortable than today.

There are two fundamental attitudes that Tokyo Tech expects of incoming students:

  1. 1.You feel confident about being in the sciences.
  2. 2.You feel proud of being in the sciences.

It does not matter to us if your strength is mathematics, physics, chemistry, or one of the engineering fields that applies these areas. Our first wish is that you find yourself and your passion. Once you have that foothold, the educational curriculum at Tokyo Tech will help broaden your interests and guide you toward specialization and originality.

Our second wish is that you become proud of your role in the natural sciences, a scholarly field of remarkable breadth. Set worthwhile objectives and strive toward them fearlessly. Tokyo Tech provides an abundance of opportunities for study that will develop your social and cultural sensibilities so that, in applying yourself wholeheartedly to your specialization, you will not lose sight of your place.

Have the courage of a pioneer who plants seeds in the wild. Tokyo Tech strongly desires a robust, challenging spirit.

Qualities Sought by Each Program

We are looking for talented people who are intellectually curious about science and technology, who possess a spirit of inquiry, and who have already acquired basic concepts, intellectual approaches, and some practical experience.

Tokyo Tech provides a complete range of education that is appropriate to its position as a leading science and technology university. Based on the educational objectives of each program (undergraduate, master's, doctoral, and professional degrees), we offer the following:

  • Thorough basic education
  • "Wedge-shaped" curriculum that combines liberal arts education and specialized education into an organic whole
  • Practical science education that focuses on technical innovation
  • Training courses that foster creativity
  • Specialized education that develops advanced technology and research specialists through cutting-edge research
  • Education that takes advantage of the Institute's international collaboration agreements

The various programs at Tokyo Tech look for talented people with the following qualities:

Master's Program

  • Basic academic proficiency in science and engineering and the ability to think and express themselves logically
  • Breadth of knowledge and the ability to perceive matters from a broad range of perspectives.
  • The language proficiency required to advance research and technological development from a global perspective
  • The motivation to undertake research that boldly challenges the world of the unknown

Doctoral Program

  • Specialized academic abilities required for multifaceted understanding of problems, together with a practical problem-solving ability grounded in theory
  • The ability to add new findings to the knowledge base of specialized fields and freely make use of them
  • Basic proficiency in communication on a level that will be accepted internationally
  • The motivation to pioneer the frontiers of knowledge

Professional Master's Program

  • The ability to think and express themselves logically and objectively in light of current circumstances based upon knowledge they have gained through experience and study
  • Breadth of knowledge and the ability to perceive matters from a broad range of perspectives
  • Language proficiency on a level that will be accepted internationally
  • A strong desire to improve themselves and the motivation to take leadership in society