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The qualification and condition of Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship (Graduate)

The qualification and condition of Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship 2017

Non-Japanese who are not residing continuously in Japan at the time of enrollment.

(1) Nationality: Applicants must have the nationality of a country which has diplomatic relations with the Japan. Applicants who have Japanese nationality at the time of application are not eligible.
(2) Age: Under 35 years old; Applicants must have been born on or after April 2, 1982.
(3) Academic Background: Applicants must be graduates from a Japanese university or have academic ability equal or superior to that of a university graduate. A person will be deemed to have academic ability equal or superior to that of a university graduate, if he/she has completed or will complete a 16-years school curriculum in a non-Japanese country or will be aged 22 or older and has taken an individual entrance qualification examination and has been judged by a graduate school as being equal or superior in academic ability to a university graduate.
Note: Eligible applicants include those who otherwise satisfy or will satisfy qualification requirements for admission to a Japanese graduate school.
(4) Major Field of Study: Applicants should apply for the field of study he/she studied at a previous university or any related field. Applicants must choose a field in which he/she can receive education and perform research at the university of his/her choice.
(5)Health: Applicants must be physically and mentally healthy enough to pursue study at university.
(6) Arrival in Japan: Applicants must be able to leave for and arrive in Japan within two weeks of the date set by Tokyo Institute of Technology for the beginning of the semester, 2017. Travel expenses will not be provided if applicants choose to travel to Japan before this set period.
(7)Visa Requirement: If selected, applicants will be required to acquire a "Student, (ryugaku(留学))" visa prior to coming to Japan. (Applicants who come to Japan with a visa or resident status other than that of "Student" will not qualify for a Japanese Government's Scholarship. Also keep in mind that if applicants change their resident status to any status other than "Student" after entry into Japan, they will lose their status as a Japanese Government Scholarship student upon such change of status.)
(8) Any applicant who meets any or all of the following conditions is not eligible. If identified after the start of the scholarship period, the applicant will be required to withdraw from the scholarship:

Note 1: Those who are military personnel or military civilian employees at the time of their arrival in Japan;
Note 2: Those who cannot arrive in Japan during the period designated by the accepting university;
Note 3: An applicant who is a previous recipient of a Japanese government scholarship, but does not have educational research experience exceeding more than three years from the first day of the month following the final payment of the previous scholarship to the beginning of the payment of this scholarship. This does not apply to the past recipients of Japanese studies scholarships and Japan-Korea Joint Government Scholarship Program For The Students In Science And Engineering Departments who have graduated or are going to graduate from universities in their home countries and past participants in the Young Leaders Program;
Note 4: Those who are currently enrolled at a Japanese university with a College Student (ryugaku) residence status; those enrolled, or scheduled to be enrolled, at a Japanese university as a privately financed international student during the period when the scholarship application was filed in the home country until prior to the start of the provision of the scholarship; This does not apply to current self-financed international students at Japanese universities who will complete their courses of study and return to their countries before the end of the current fiscal year;
Note 5: Those who apply to more than one program with a scholarship supplied by the Japanese Government (MEXT) conducted at different universities or those who apply to a program with a scholarship supplied by the Japan Student Service Organization (JASSO). (Including those who are financially supported by MEXT or JASSO and will be supported continuously after the semester starting from or after October 2017);
Note 6: Applicants who are expected to graduate at the time of application and cannot satisfy the qualifications and the conditions related to academic background by the deadline given;
Note 7: Holders of dual nationality at the time of application who cannot verify that they will give up Japanese nationality by the time of the arrival in Japan; or
Note 8: Applicants who wish, from the time of application, to conduct fieldwork or participate in an internship outside of Japan, since this scholarship program is intended for overseas students who wish to enroll in a Japanese university and do graduate research in Japan.