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Education Program of Advanced Information Technology Leaders

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Master of Science
Master of Engineering
Master of Arts
Doctor of Science
Doctor of Engineering
Doctor of Philosophy
Program Outline
Japan is a world leader in both research and practical application in many areas of information science & technology including embedded software, multi-media processing, human interface, robot informatics, large-scale computational technology and environmental information technology such as consumer electronics, computer games and industrial intelligent robotics. The aim of this program is to offer enrollment in Master's and Doctoral programs to overseas students qualified in information science & engineering subjects, and to educate them to become engineering, research and teaching leaders who will actively contribute in a  research and development system which encourages  the globalization of these Japanese information technologies. This program includes practice oriented courses in these areas. Students will be trained using Japan's most advanced computing environments, and will also be able to participate in industrial internships.
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List of Faculties

These courses are managed by faculties of the following Departments.

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・Mathematical and Computing Science
・Computer Science
・Mechanical Engineering
・Systems and Control Engineering

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