Prospective Students

Research Student (Privately-funded)

Application documents should be submitted in person during the Application Period stated below. Overseas applicants can assign a proxy in Japan (a relative, academic advisor or financial guarantor) to complete the procedures. The research period is one year for students enrolling in April and for six months for those enrolling in September. Term extension applications are accepted in February. Research Students are not automatically guaranteed admission into a TokyoTech Graduate School. Individuals wishing to advance to a graduate school should check with the Admissions Division to ensure they meet the advancement qualifications, prior to taking the entrance examination. Please note that Research Students (Privately Funded) will incur the charges for the Entrance Examination, Admission, and Tuition Fees.

Privately Funded Research Students

1.Application Outline

Application Outline for Research StudentsPDF Privately Funded ( Including Foreign Goverment Funded )

2.Application Documents

Application and Resume (PDFPDF,WORDword),SAMPLEPDF
Certificate of graduation (completion of degree) from your last school
Academic transcript from your last school
A description certificate of the Alien Registration Card (登録原票記載事項証明書Tourokugenpyou kisaijikou shoumeisho) or a copy of both sides of your Alien Registration Card or Residence Card (Only for Individuals residing in Japan)
Label with name and contact address in Japan  *How to obtain a college student visaPDF

Necessary documents to apply for Certificate of Eligibility(Only for individuals residing out of Japan and planning to apply for a "College Student" visa)

Application for Certificate of Eligibility(在留資格認定証明書交付申請)COExlssamplePDF,COE
xls(Submit hard copy and data file
a Photo (40 mm: length 30 mm: side)
Documents to prove your financial circumstances *
A copy of passport (page showing name, nationality and photo)
Statement of Financial Support (PDFPDF,WORDword)

For those,whose have the *Specified Visa,will be asked to submit the additional documentation

Specified Visa
Spouse,etc.of a Japanese national
Spouse,etc.of permanent resident
Long-term resident
Designated activities

Change of Status of Residence(CSR) "For Organization and Applicant"

(在留資格変更許可申請書 所属機関作成用)

(Only for individuals residing in Japan with a visa other than "College Student" )

EXCELxlsSAMPLEPDF(Submit a hard copy, and electronically to:

As the details of the necessary documents differs according to nationality or else, please consult with the Immigration Bureauouter or VISA Consulting Service.

3.Application Procedures

Please familiarize yourself with the application procedures by reading the Application Outline
Choose and academic advisor and obtain his/her consent of acceptance.Considering your preferred research field, please access the website of Tokyo Institute of Technology to find out the academic advisor whose specialty matches your specific field. Then contact the prospective academic advisor directly.
Reference: Tokyo Institte of Technology Researcher's database
Bring the application forms and other necessary documents to the Student Division during the application period. If the applicant resides abroad at the time of application, it is possible for a proxy to apply instead. Please have your academic advisor affix his/her seal in the approval column on the Request for Admission. By this seal your application will be processed under the consent of the academic advisor. If you resided in Japan in the past, please be sure to note it down in the note column on the back side of Request for Admission.
Please pay the application fee at a post office using the payment slip which you received at the Student Division. Afterwards please bring the receipt to the Student Division Counter Number 3.