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Shofu Gakusha Dormitory

Only Japanese male undergraduate, master's and doctoral students (excl. international students) may apply.

Application guidelines are distributed by the Student Support Department.

Commute Time to Tokyo Tech
Ookayama Campus
Suzukakedai Campus
Shofu Gakusha Dormitory
21-13 Shofudai, Aoba-ku, Yokohama
TEL 045-981-7115
(Approx. 10 minutes walk from Aobadai Stn. On the Den'en-toshi Line
Approx. 1 hr
Approx. 40 min

Senzoku-ike International House: Female Students (International and Japanese Students)

Dormitory for female international students, Japanese students and researchers.
Senzokuike House is a new female dormitory scheduled to open in April 2017. Units comprise
3 private rooms and a shared living room, with common facilities such as a kitchen
and shower room in the dormitory. Located in a quiet residential area and close
to Senzoku pond, the dormitory provides convenient access to Ookayama Campus.
Please refer below for the further information.
If you have interest in this dormitory, please contact Student Support Division.

Tokyo Tech Aobadai House

Dormitory for male international students, Japanese students and researchers.
This Dormitory is placed in the Shofu Gakusya Dormitory.

Please refer below for the further information.

If you have interest in this dormitory, please contact Student Support Division.

Tokyo Tech Nagatsuta House

【Map of Nagatsuta House】

Dormitory for international students, Japanese students and researchers.

Contact Student Support Division for further information.

Website by Nagatsuta House residents (non-official site) →hereouter

University-recommended Dormitories for International Students

188 single rooms are available in dormitories requiring university recommendations:
Shofu Dormitory has 46 rooms;
Umegaoka Dormitory has 50 rooms;
Komaba International Students House has 70 rooms; and
Tokyo International Exchange Center has 22 rooms (allocated rooms).

However, given that about 1000 international students are enrolled at Tokyo Tech, only newly enrolled international students who are newcomers to Japan are eligible for accommodation in these dormitories, and they can only reside there for a period of one year.

Accordingly, periods of residence in a dormitory cannot be extended under any circumstances whatsoever, and residents have to look for new accommodation in a "direct-application dormitory", "company dormitory" or "private apartment" while they live there.

According to the rules, the period of residence permitted in the Komaba International Students House and the Tokyo International Exchange Center is two years, but students recommended by Tokyo Tech are required to vacate their rooms after one year so that newly enrolled students can be accommodated in the following year.

The International House located on Ookayama Campus is solely for the use of researchers, and international students cannot live there.

Other Dormitories, Etc. for International Students

Direct-application Dormitories
You can apply directly to these dormitories as they do not require a recommendation from Tokyo Tech. Notices and application guidelines are posted on the bulletin board in the Student Support Division and the bulletin board in the Student Affairs Division in Suzukakedai Campus, and you are welcome to apply if you fulfill the requirements.
ex) Tokyo Tech Kajigaya International Dormitory (The tie-up dorm with Tokyo Tech)
URL(English) :
Company Dormitories
Some private companies rent a number of rooms in their company dormitories to international students. The people living in these dormitories are Japanese employees, and a high level of Japanese proficiency is required as all of the regulations and notices pertaining to these dormitories are provided in Japanese. Students wishing to live in a company dormitory should register with the Student Support Division when it solicits applicants twice a year (May and November). An interview will be held at a later date and applicants will be ranked by considering factors such as academic performance and so forth. Students ranked higher are recommended to company dormitories faster. However, students cannot choose a particular dormitory, nor they can know when to get a room.

Private Apartments

The Tokyo Tech COOP (SEIKYO) offers a private apartment introduction service.

Contracting to rent an apartment introduced by the COOP preempts the need to pay an estate agent fee.

The monthly rent for an apartment with a bath and toilet in a good location in the vicinity of Ookayama costs approximately \70,000.

Please contact the COOP Headquarters on 03-3728-8023.

(Ookayama Campus: 1F, Cafeteria No.1)


Tokyo Tech has a range of accommodations for international students. However, due to the limited number of rooms available, we can only offer rooms to new international students who have come to Japan for the first time. For most accommodation, residence is permitted for up to one year only. All rooms are either single rooms or shared rooms for 2 people. Two types of accommodation are provided in accordance with the following allocation policy: (1) on the basis of priority according to the academic program in which you enroll, 2) on the basis of application when there is a vacancy.

Umegaoka Dormitory

Shofu Dormitory

Tokyo Tech Nagatsuta House

Tokyo International Exchange Center (Inter-university accommodation)

Komaba International House (Inter-university accommodation)

*The Student Support Division will contact students who have been granted accommodation.

Senzokuike International House (Women only)
Tokyo Tech Aobadai House (Men only)

Alternatively, accommodation in dormitories for international students provided by private companies can also be found. Please note that the application periods for these dormitories are limited and you need to carefully watch Tokyo Tech bulletin boards for vacancy notices.

At present, the majority of international students live in private apartments.

Student Support Division , Student Service Department
Tel:+81(0)3 5734-3013

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