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Innovator and Inventor Development Platform

Tokyo Institute of Technology's Innovator and Inventor Development Platform (IIDP) is an organization that provides our graduate students with career development education and support through career development courses.

The IIDP was established in April 2013 by integrating former on-campus career support programs and systems, namely, the Career Development Program for Foreign Students (CDPFS), the Student Career Support Section at the Student Support Center, the Integrated Doctoral Education Program, and the Productive Leader Incubation Platform (PLIP). It aims to provide better career development education to our doctoral students.

Since then, the IIDP has developed a diverse curriculum that provides students with a practical education in career development.

The process designed by the IIDP for master's students, for example, helps them to clearly sketch out their own career plans, identify the abilities they will need in fields such as industry and academia, and expand their own expertise so they can become individuals capable of contributing to society and the development of science, technology, and academia.

Doctoral students, meanwhile, join either the Academic Leader Program (ALP) or the Productive Leader Program (PLP), depending on their chosen career paths. Our hope is that these programs will help them develop into individuals capable of driving the development of new academic disciplines and areas of research. We also expect our students to cultivate powerful personal experiences through activities such as giving guidance to younger students, so that they contribute to society and have the ability to adopt and lead advancements in science and technology.

With the rapidly changing social environment and society's increasing diversity, people must be more inventive and flexible. For this reason, the IIDP strives to provide education aimed at developing truly reliable individuals capable of advancing specialized research while co-existing with society and creating a future. Our hope is that the diverse career development courses the IIDP offers will help students proactively design their careers.

Positioning the IIDP

As stated above, all doctoral students regardless of major are required to register with either the ALP or the PLP depending on their career plans. In addition to their specialized education, each doctoral student takes career development courses prepared by his/her department and the IIDP. Each department is responsible for approving the completion of their students' doctoral degree programs.

Similarly, all master's students must take career development courses prepared by their major and the IIDP. Each department is responsible for approving the completion of their students' master's degree programs.

Positioning the IIDP


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