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President's Address at the Fall Entrance Ceremony 2013

President's Address at the Fall Graduation Ceremony 2012

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. It is my great pleasure to hold the 2013 Fall Entrance Ceremony of Tokyo Institute of Technology in the presence of executive faculties and staff members. On behalf of the Institute, I am delighted to welcome all of you who have been accepted to the Graduate Schools. The total enrollment of the fall entrance is 324, of which 173 is for the Master's course, 9 for the professional Master's course, and 142 for the Doctoral course.

I believe that all of you are now filled with a strong desire to acquire a higher level of skill, broader knowledge and flexible capabilities in your own field of study at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo Tech. As the No.1 science and technology institute in Japan, having a history of over 130 years since its foundation, Tokyo Tech aims to cultivate science and engineering students to acquire a strong scholastic ability, the capacity to integrate diverse perspectives and approaches with real-world applications, and the creative competence to become future pioneers in various fields of science and technology. I am sure that all the faculty members are ready to provide you with high-quality education and various research opportunities. You will deserve them if you ask for them with your ambition and endeavors.

Today I am happy to welcome 239 foreign students from 31countries, from Asia, Europe, the Middle-East, Africa, North America, and Central and South America. As of May 1 last year we had about 1,250 foreign students from 76 countries world-wide, which is 13% of our entire student body. This figure is the highest for a science and technology institute in Japan. I do hope that all of you will enjoy such an international environment, and that you will broaden your vision through learning and understanding different cultures. With such experiences, you will gain the competence to work as a member of an international team in the future to solve problems confronting global society.

We also have a wide range of research and education activities by collaborating with universities around the world. Tokyo Tech has been a member of a consortium of five Asian top universities including Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and Tsinghua University in China since 2008. The consortium has been collaborating with a league of four top European Universities including Delft University of Technology in Holland and ETH Zurich in Switzerland since 2009. We also have university-wide agreements for exchanging students and faculty with many universities in the United States including UC Berkeley, the University of Washington, Georgia Tech and the University of Minnesota. Through these many collaborative activities with top universities worldwide, we are accepting more foreign students and sending more Japanese students out into the world on various types of exchange programs. It is necessary then to further improve the quality and the systems of our education to be comparable with those of top world universities. Also increasing our research strength is necessary by enhancing international collaborations with top researchers, and realizing new systems for fusions of researchers from different fields to drive innovation. Tokyo Tech aims to become more and more international in every respect in order to accomplish the goal I have announced this year, of becoming one of the World's Top 10 Research Universities by 2030.

In closing I wish that all of you will spend a successful student life here at Tokyo Tech. Always watch your health and be positive to work hard toward your goal. Spirit, enthusiasm and confidence, these are what you will need at Tokyo Tech.

October 1, 2013
Yoshinao Mishima
President, Tokyo Institute of Technology

President's Address at the Fall Graduation Ceremony 2012