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President's Address at the Fall Graduation Ceremony 2013

President's Address at the Fall Graduation Ceremony 2012

Good morning, Ladies and gentlemen. It is my great pleasure to hold the 2013 Fall Graduation Ceremony of Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo Tech, in the presence of Executive Faculty and Staff Members. I am delighted to express my sincere congratulations on your successful completion of the courses in the undergraduate and graduate schools. Today, doctoral degrees have been conferred on 98 students, master's degrees on 127, professional master's degrees on 7 and bachelor's degrees on 34.

All of you have been with us in studying and carrying out research for your degree in various fields of science and technology for years. During the course, you may have had uneasy times in your progress. Also you may have spent days or months of hard work without sufficient sleep. All those effort have brought you here to celebrate commencement. I truly respect all of you for your effort and achievement, and you should be proud of yourselves as a graduate of Tokyo Tech, the top science and technology university in Japan. As the president, I am currently pursuing the goal to make Tokyo Tech one of the World's Top 10 Research Universities by 2030, through reforming the education system to assure world, top-class quality, and by enhancing research strength. More than half of you gathered here at the commencement this September are from foreign countries. The value of study-abroad has become more and more important in higher education worldwide. It means that providing opportunities to students is now an essential function for a university. The reasons obviously come from the globalization of society, where many societal problems lie common to countries and areas. Such problems as global warming due to greenhouse gas emissions, water supplies and treatment management, and regional epidemics, can be solved basically through science and technology, and by international collaboration. International collaboration can be made through a fusion of different backgrounds in professions and through understandings of different cultures and religions. Study-abroad is one of the best ways to gain such competencies for young and ambitious students. I hope that all the foreign students who have successfully finished or will be continuing study-abroad here at Tokyo Tech will play a key role in the international fields of science and technology toward a sustainable society. At the same time I hope that those Japanese graduates who will proceed to masters or doctorates can experience study-abroad to broaden your field of vision toward your future contribution to international society.

One of the important aspects of study-abroad and experiencing living outside of your home country is the human network you are naturally creating. Invaluable are the friends, professors, colleagues and staffs with whom you have shared your tough time and happy achievements. The value will increase as time goes by along your life. Occasional correspondence with your friends to renew friendships by sharing mutual status always enriches your life. Such networks may often expand to directly help your professional activities and career development. Tokyo Tech has currently been paying a strong effort in enhancing our Alumni function and to form a solid platform for such network keeping. Please join and let's keep in touch. Tokyo Tech is always happy to help you and welcomes you whenever you have chance to visit us.

Now is the time for you to start a new life. Those who are continuing their studies here, look for a high level of establishment in your research skills and brush up your personality to be able to meet and work with wonderful leaders in future. Let me repeat the recommendation to you to experience study-abroad to become a citizen of the world.

And, those who will leave Tokyo Tech and start a job, be positive always. Try everything with spirit, enthusiasm and confidence. I am looking forward to hearing from you, from any part of the world, where you are an active Tokyo Tech graduate making a striking contribution to global society.

In closing, I wish all of you, first to be healthy always, then to be successful in all your future endeavors.

Thank you very much for your attention and congratulations.

September 25, 2013
Yoshinao Mishima
President, Tokyo Institute of Technology

President's Address at the Fall Graduation Ceremony 2012