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Graduate Spring Graduation Ceremony 2013

Graduate Spring Graduation Ceremony 2013

Students, parents, members of the Board of Directors, deans, directors, and special guests, the Tokyo Tech community is pleased to welcome you to the 2013 Spring Graduate School Graduation Ceremony. Congratulations to all of our young graduates, especially those of you who came from abroad to take your degrees. I would also like to express my respect to the families who have given so much to support the education of these young men and women.

Today, we celebrate the graduation of 1,484 students with master's degrees. This brings the total of master's program graduates since 1955 to 47,702. The number of students being awarded professional master's degrees is 27, which brings the total of graduates since Tokyo Tech opened the Graduate School of Innovation Management in 2005 to 279. Congratulations, too, to the 214 students receiving their doctorates. This brings the total to 9,575, or 13,670 when we include thesis-only doctorates. All of these students have displayed great potential for the future and have opened a new page in the history of the Institute.

I am certain that all of you are very excited, optimistic, and full of hopes and dreams for your future. Last year, the Japanese economy showed slight improvement for the first time in many years. In addition, in September 2013, Tokyo won its bid to host the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and this has encouraged the nation. Since the Great East Japan Earthquake hit three years ago, restoration of the areas damaged by the disaster has progressed rapidly. With this bright news, I feel that we are ready to take another step forward with high hopes for the future, and I hope all of you graduating today will move forward with confidence as you carry this bright and strong society into the future.

Many of you are now leaving Tokyo Tech to start new lives as working adults in new and interesting environments. I am confident that all of you will be actively engaged in a wide range of fields, applying the knowledge you have gained during your time here, the experience you have accumulated working on questions that do not have clear answers, and the processes involved in creating theses through data and discussion. Many problems that we encounter are global, and many elements related to multiple cultures and regions are interconnected in complex ways. Addressing these problems, therefore, requires joint approaches by people in a wide range of regions and with a wide range of cultural backgrounds. Such problems do not have clear-cut answers. We must find solutions through joint effort. This requires the proactive gathering of opinions from others with broad perspectives, as well as education to gain knowledge and language skills, to determine rational policies. While this is not always easy, I am confident that you will try your best to improve your capabilities in service to humanity in the global environment.

I am also confident that those of you moving on to doctoral programs in April will strive to improve yourselves with the previously mentioned factors in mind. Most of you will continue research on the work you have been involved in. Be aware that the results you achieve will contribute to society. Furthermore, please consider the contributions you can make as a person with doctoral degrees in the field of science and technology. In order to do so, you also need to place priority on activities beyond your own research, participate in interactions and cooperate with people specializing in a wide range of fields, and explore who you are by accepting the challenge of studying abroad. I want you to understand your characteristics, and design career paths through which those characteristics can be used to full advantage.

You are all graduating from Japan's finest university in the field of science and technology. For both those who are moving on to doctoral programs and those who are starting careers, I know you will be ever proud of graduating from Tokyo Tech, and positive in working on cultivating new values in yourself with the spirit and drive to exercise your individual capabilities on the global stage. Your role is to create a society with vitality, and I am looking forward to seeing you working actively all over the world in the near future.

I pray for your bright future. Congratulations.

March 26, 2014
Yoshinao Mishima
President, Tokyo Tech