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Graduate Spring Entrance Ceremony 2015

Graduate Spring Entrance Ceremony 2015

Welcome to the 2015 Spring Graduate School Entrance Ceremony. With cherry blossoms in full bloom here at the Ookayama Campus, we are honored to have with us members of the Board, deans, directors, and special guests. Today, 1,836 graduate students are entering Tokyo Tech. These students include 1,530 in master's degree programs, 30 in professional master's degree programs, and 276 in doctoral degree programs. Congratulations to you all. You have worked hard to be here today, and you have every reason to be proud. Let us also congratulate your parents and express our deep gratitude for the time, effort, and resources they have dedicated to supporting you through your childhood and college life.

Some of you are coming from undergraduate programs at Tokyo Tech, and some have come from other universities. Still others are coming to us after experience in the workforce. As you stand on the threshold of the next stage of your life, I know that all of you will work with enthusiasm to achieve your aspirations to improve yourself and embark on careers through which you will contribute to society. Those of you who have graduated from Tokyo Tech undergraduate programs will be building on the knowledge and experience you gained during your first four years as you broaden your horizons through exposure to your surroundings, improve your language and other educational skills, and deepen your humanity. Those who have come to us from other universities will be exploring new fields of science and technology.

Many students entering master's or professional master's programs today will likely be joining the workforce two years from now. Two years is a short time, but I am certain that you all will make your time at Tokyo Tech significant in preparation for this. Recently, the Keidanren, or Japan Business Federation, has recommended changes to the schedule in recruitment of new graduates in Japan. These changes will allow you to fully dedicate your Tokyo Tech time to developing your ability, knowledge, and personality. The job market requires graduates with solid ability in their individual specialties, graduates who are able to effectively apply the results of their master's thesis research, graduates with the spirit and drive to exercise their individual capabilities on the global stage, and graduates who are capable of clearly expressing themselves. This may seem like a tall order to fill in the two short years ahead of you, but Tokyo Tech is committed to providing you with the support you need to achieve your goals.

For those entering doctoral programs, I know that you will be engaged in leading-edge research in your specialization at the global level. At the same time, you will be considering the direction you wish to take after completion of the program. There are many choices open to you. You may choose to contribute to society by pursuing world-class research in science and technology at a university or research institution, by increasing the international competitiveness of Japanese industries through careers in engineering, or by establishing new industries as an entrepreneur. Explore your strengths and weaknesses, and pursue the future you dream of during your time here. You are here to take your doctoral degree, which will only add to your enthusiasm and confidence as outstanding human resources from Tokyo Tech, ready to serve society.

Since my appointment as president of Tokyo Tech in 2012, I have been putting my efforts into guiding the Institute toward an important goal — becoming one of the world's top ten research universities by 2030. Curricula quality will be vastly improved. Credit transfers with the world's best universities will soon be possible. Research capabilities and international collaborations will be strengthened. In 2014, Tokyo Tech was also selected by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as a participant in the Top Global University Project. This project aims to enhance Japan's research and educational competitiveness in higher education by supporting university reforms which promote internationalization and cooperation with top overseas universities in the next 10 years. With this project acting as a tailwind for the Institute's goals, there has never been a better time to take advantage of the international atmosphere at Tokyo Tech and play an active role on the world stage.

I wish you all health and vigor, and hope your student life here will be a fulfilling one.

Once again, congratulations.

April 2, 2015
Yoshinao Mishima
President, Tokyo Tech