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Graduate Spring Graduation Ceremony 2015

Graduate Spring Graduation Ceremony 2015

The Tokyo Tech community is pleased to welcome students, parents, members of the Board, deans, directors, and special guests to the 2015 Spring Graduate School Graduation Ceremony. Congratulations to all of our graduates, especially those of you who came from abroad to take your degrees. I would also like to express my respect to the families who have given so much to support the education of these men and women.

Today, we celebrate the graduation of 1,505 students with master's degrees, 29 students with professional master's degrees, and 214 students with doctoral degrees. All of these students have displayed great potential for the future and have opened a new page in the 135-year history of the Institute.

I am certain that those of you heading into the business world are eager and optimistic to start your new lives in an exciting, fresh environment. Society will expect great things of you as graduates of Tokyo Tech. Still, before you can respond to these expectations, it is of course important for you to gain day-to-day experiences. As you do this, you can begin to focus not only on completing tasks with accuracy and efficiency, but also on proposing new ways to move forward. In other words, you can start thinking one step ahead. Wherever you work, endeavor to improve yourself, perhaps by learning the basics of corporate management or taking on another foreign language. Challenge yourself and broaden your horizons.

The majority of you continuing on to doctoral programs will develop the research theme addressed in your master's thesis as you further strengthen your research capabilities. You will spend many important hours experiencing the true depth of science and technology. You will discuss your findings with academic supervisors, labmates, and researchers both within and outside your field of specialization. You will develop a unique perspective that culminates in your doctoral dissertation. The real value of your studies, however, is not embodied solely in your dissertation, but is determined instead by your experiences during the process leading up to your final performance.

Some of you obtaining doctoral degrees today will continue in academia while others will build research careers in the business world. Regardless of your choice, you now possess the ability to execute the elements and processes required to take on new challenges and solve the most difficult of problems. As authorities in your chosen fields, I know you will all demonstrate your talent without failure as you contribute to society on a global scale.

The backbone of Japan's 5th Science and Technology Basic Plan, launched by the Council for Science, Technology and Innovation in April 2016, consists of three main components — responding to current economic and social challenges, developing a mechanism for scientific and technological innovation, and creating new value that gives birth to innovative industries and social change — the last of which particularly stands out. As information technology continues to rapidly evolve, and social and economic structures frequently fluctuate, it is said that we live in an age of drastic change. In order to strengthen Japan's industrial competitiveness and ensure a safe, stable, and sustainable society, we must aim for the creation of new industries and the transformation of society. We must accept change and lead in this era of change. We must strive for revolutionary innovations. Regardless of age, specialization, or position in society, we all need to work together to allow innovation and new value to emerge. Flexible thinking sprinkled with a touch of creativity is required of us all. I hope each of you keeps this in mind as you move into the next phase of your life.

Today, you are graduating from Japan's finest university in the field of science and technology. I know that you are all proud, as you should be, of this achievement. I encourage you to continue cultivating new values in yourself as you embrace challenge with spirit and enthusiasm. The world is your stage, and as you enter it, the Tokyo Tech community will continue to support you.

I pray for your bright and successful future.


March 28, 2016
Yoshinao Mishima
President, Tokyo Tech