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2016 New Year's message

2016 New Year's message


President Yoshinao Mishima

Tokyo Tech's new education system will commence in April 2016, and six Schools and the Institute for Liberal Arts will start offering newly developed curricula. Faculty members are gearing up for new courses in cooperation with the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITL). My hope is that the faculty's passion, enthusiasm, support, and encouragement will generate even more motivation in students.

Under the new system, crucial support services and tools such as learning portfolios will be in place. More than ever, proactive students who envision their future role in society will be able to choose courses from broad curricula to expand their capabilities and realize their visions.


In line with the efforts to reorganize research institutes and enhance the research environment, the Institute of Innovative Research will commence operations in April 2016. Research groups which conduct globally advanced research will come into prominence as Tokyo Tech implements new organizations. This reorganization will attract talented individuals, promote international joint research, and eventually produce joint papers.

In addition, Tokyo Tech will reinforce its system for securing funds for research in the form of increased external funding and enhanced partnerships with industry.


President Yoshinao Mishima

The Office of Institutional Research and Decision Support was founded in April 2015 under the president to analyze data collected from across the Institute for effective utilization of funds, human resources, and spaces. The Office of Institutional Planning will also be established under the president in April 2016 for centralized control of planning at the Institute.

Funding at the president's discretion will be increased for strategic fund injection into research and personnel. In response to the expanding responsibilities of faculty members, the president will appoint deans while maintaining open discussion on personnel management within the newly established Schools. The president will also appoint directors including the new director of the Institute of Innovative Research.

Tokyo Tech has implemented a new selection method and institute-wide management system of faculty members. In terms of space, the Institute has a plan for the introduction of a space charge system to promote efficient use of campus space.

Multifaceted international initiatives are in progress. Corresponding to the internationalization of the Institute, Tokyo Tech is mapping out a plan for faculty members and clerical staff to stay abroad as teams in partner universities for designated time periods.

Tokyo Tech community embraces challenge with spirit, enthusiasm, and confidence

President Yoshinao Mishima

Prospective students, university is not a place for you to be taught, but a place for you to proactively think and learn. Since my inauguration, I have encouraged students to embrace the challenge of learning with spirit, enthusiasm, and confidence. I want you to keep these three words close to your hearts.

Current students, acquiring credits for graduation is not the goal. What is important for you as students is finding your passion, expanding your capabilities, and envisioning what role you will play in society. You can do these things at Tokyo Tech if you are motivated to work hard. I also hope Tokyo Tech students give each other encouragement along the way.

In cooperation with industry and the community, Tokyo Tech continues to create innovation. I would like to offer you my best wishes for the New Year and look forward to working with you in 2016.