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2013 New Year's Message

New Year's Message from President Yoshinao Mishima

Long-Term Goal: World's Best Sci-Tech University

I was inaugurated as president of Tokyo Institute of Technology on October 1, 2012. On the same day I appointed a new board. I also vowed to lead Tokyo Tech, in cooperation with faculty members and staff, down the path to becoming the world's best sci-tech university. I reiterate my determination to achieve this long-term goal. Your cooperation and support are greatly appreciated.

New Goal to be Achieved by 2030: World's Top 10 Research University

I would like to kick off 2013 with the new goal of becoming one of the World's Top 10 Research Universities by 2030, a year shy of Tokyo Tech's 150th anniversary. The Tokyo Tech community will make concerted efforts to innovate our education and research systems to this end, while embracing challenges along the way with spirit, enthusiasm and confidence.

Innovation in Education

President Mishima

The quality of undergraduate and postgraduate education will be enhanced further. It is common knowledge that Tokyo Tech graduates are highly regarded by business enterprises. However, cultivating graduates who meet the needs of employers is not enough, due to Japan's decreasing population and the rapid transformation of the world. The Institute, therefore, needs to produce graduates who have a strong sense of determination and the character to lead the nation and the world. In this context, Tokyo Tech will accelerate its efforts to cultivate principled scientists and engineers, who have a broad knowledge of the sciences and a high level of expertise to underpin the nation and who are able to build a new society.

The curriculum in the undergraduate school will be revised and we will provide a higher-quality education, in terms of both technological expertise and study in the liberal arts. We will also transparently restructure the education system to guarantee graduates with a consistent level of skills and knowledge when measured by global standards.

The graduate school places great importance on producing researchers who will not only complete their doctoral studies, but who will also have the immediate potential to work with leading researchers in the world. With this aim in mind, the Institute admits students from around the world with excellent academic records. Through our cutting-edge research and multi-career oriented curriculum the Institute cultivates researchers with a high level of expertise and a broad range of scientific knowledge who can easily collaborate with others.

Innovation in Research

Tokyo Tech promotes advanced and original, basic research while contributing to the betterment of society and providing tangible applications. Large-scale projects such as the Elements Strategy Initiative and the World Premier International Research Center Initiative (WPI) were launched last year at Tokyo Tech. I fully support these areas of research in which Tokyo Tech exhibits an outstanding track record. In this context my goal is to create a research environment where Tokyo Tech's knowledge can be pooled and research results can be shared with industry and society. Additionally, I would like to establish an environment where young researchers, adhering to high ethical standards, can commit to challenging research and open up new frontiers. Tokyo Tech will continue to pursue research and produce results of importance to the world.

A Big Step Forward

President Mishima

Together with the new goal of becoming one of the World's Top 10 Research Universities, the Tokyo Tech community will proactively drive innovation. There is a new government policy stating that national university corporations need to rearticulate their missions and goals in order to enhance the quality of their undergraduate and postgraduate education, as well as strengthen their research.

In 2013 Tokyo Tech is determined to take a big step forward. I will do my very best to drive innovation. Students will come to think and act on a world scale. Faculty members and staff will join me in revitalizing the Institute. Keep your eye on Tokyo Tech and the changes that will be taking place here in the coming year.

In closing, I would like to offer you my best wishes for the New Year. I trust that 2013 will be another productive and innovative year.