Education at Tokyo Tech

Training Talent at Tokyo Tech We will cultivate students with the drive to excel and the vision to contribute to society through science and technology.

Training Global Talent

The need for science and technology universities in the 21st century is paramount. Society is experiencing many problems -- the environment, energy, food supplies, water, aging populations, medicine and nursing care, disaster prevention, etc. Science and technology must contribute to the solution of these problems, and it is our role to show the way.

However, these global issues cannot be solved by simply pursuing one's expertise in science and technology. The solution requires talented individuals who have acquired a liberal arts education and the skills to communicate with people from other cultures.

The talent Tokyo Tech seeks have strong skills and expertise in science and technology, the ability to cooperate with people from different cultures and fields, and the will to take on tomorrow's challenges and generate innovations to solve global problems.

Our mission is to train such talent.

It is vital that students grasp the fun and depth of science and technology and its power to change society, engage earnestly in independent learning, and develop the disciplined spirit required to pursue their future goals and dreams.

Tokyo Tech is Going Global

We have reimagined the education necessary to train the global talent Tokyo Tech seeks, and made our slogan "Tokyo Tech is Going Global," launching a new education system in April 2016.

Based on the current situation in which about 90% of students that enter the Bachelor's Degree Program continue onto the Master's Degree Program, we are the first university in Japan to create "Schools" that unify separate undergraduate and graduate schools, so that students can seamlessly continue to explore their interests . We have also created an Institute for Liberal Arts (ILA) that represents our ideal of putting energy into a liberal arts education, providing an even higher quality program.

We are also introducing a quarter system that better matches the academic calendars of overseas universities, create an original curriculum for acquiring expertise with a system common with other world-class institutes, publish syllabi (in Japanese and English), offer graduate school education in English, and online lectures.

Moving forward with these initiatives, we will further enhance our first-class global environment. Foreign exchange students already make up 12% of our student population, helping to foster an international way of thinking on campus, cultivating in students the spirit to gain international experience or study abroad before graduating.

Tokyo Tech is Going Global

We hope that our students make generous use of Tokyo Tech's unique system that allows them to acquire knowledge and education expected of global talent through a diverse curriculum, and that students will acquire the practical skills and spirit to achieve success on the global stage with advanced expertise and people skills.

Tokyo Tech will help forge students' spirit with all our strength.