7th Academic Group

Life Science and Technology

7th Academic Group

Clarifying complex and diverse biological phenomena

The 7th academic group exposes students to fundamental knowledge in the fields of science and engineering, focusing on life science and technology. This academic group is solidly embedded in the School of Life Science and Technology. The School develops students' problem-solving abilities and ethical outlooks that contribute to the progress of life science and technology.

This group recruits diverse talents full of intellectual curiosity and an inquiring mind for life phenomena. Students study the mechanisms of biological phenomena and engineering applications to enhance the intelligence of all humanity. The wide range of courses provided develops students' creativity and communication abilities.

Most students in this academic group go on to pursue master's degrees. Many graduates find careers in chemical, pharmaceutical, and food companies or in academics.

Features of 7th Academic Group

Feature 1: Technical innovation in life science and technology

Commercialized DNA card game developed during the course
Commercialized DNA card game
developed during the course

All students in this academic group take Bio-Creative Design, a Creativity Development Course, and design and develop bio-related materials such as elementary, middle, and high school teaching materials. Small groups of students choose topics and create materials for six months while receiving support and advice from faculty members and senior students. The course culminates in a contest showcasing students' achievements and works, some of which end up being commercialized. Some students also visit elementary and middle schools to carry out classes and experiments.

Feature 2: Studying medical care and intellectual property

Hands-on experiments
Hands-on experiments

Tokyo Tech has joined forces with Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, and Tokyo University of Foreign Studies to form the Confederation of Four Universities, making credit transfers and transfers to these institutions easier. Many students in this academic group join courses in the joint Multidisciplinary Program — the Comprehensive Life Sciences Course, Medical Engineering Course, and Scientific Technology and Intellectual Property Course — which offer great opportunities to establish personal networks and further enrich student life at Tokyo Tech.

Video introducing the 7th Academic Group (Japanese)

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Published: January 2017