Schools, departments, graduate majors, and academic groups

For students who enroll in or after April 2016

High school students seeking to pass the entrance examination to Tokyo Tech are often undecided about which specific field of study to pursue in their undergraduate careers, and hence which entrance examination to prepare for. Based on this lack of experience from which to formulate a path of study or decide on a major, Tokyo Tech's bachelor's degree program has seven broad academic groups, divided among the six schools (Science, Engineering, Materials and Chemical Technology, Computing, Life Science and Technology, Environment and Society), that allow students to experience a broad spectrum of science and engineering courses in their first year before joining a specific department in their second year.

Students select a broad academic group entrance examination and, upon passing that exam, have the possibility to enroll at Tokyo Tech and join that particular academic group their first year at the Institute. This provides students the opportunity to explore various paths before selecting an undergraduate major in their second year. It is possible to go on to a department unrelated to the academic group, but due to admission capacities, in practice, it is difficult.

Students in the last year of their bachelor's degree program affiliate themselves with laboratories and often take the entrance examination for the master's degree program.