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Three Tokyo Tech Products Honored with the Good Design Award 2012


Published: October 22, 2012

Faculty members at Tokyo Tech are involved with three products that have just been selected as winners of the Japan Institute of Design Promotion's Good Design Award 2012.

Tokyo Tech Products which won the GOOD DESIGN Best 100 Award

Award-winning Item Prefabricated Bathroom Unit (Half Bath 08 Type 8)
Primary contractor TOTO LTD.
Category Housing and House Fixtures
Company TOTO LTD. (Japan)
Director Koichi Yasuda, Yasuda Atelier, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Kenji Sasaki, Marketing Division, TOTO Ltd.
Designer Koichi Yasuda, Yasuda Atelier, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Ken Igarashi, Kenichi Matsumoto, Misa Inomoto, Haruna Tako (former employee), Yasuhiko Izumitani, and Maiko Kirihara, TOTO Ltd.
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Award-winning Item Free Paper (Ishinomaki VOICE)
Primary contractor Ishinomaki 2.0
Category Public Media
Company ISHINOMAKI 2.0 (Japan)
Director W+K Tokyo
Designer Akio Iida and Yosuke Mano, Mano Laboratory, Tokyo Institute of Technology
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Award-winning Item Environmental Energy Innovation Building (EEI Building)
Primary contractor Tokyo Institute of Technology
Category Space, Architecture, Public Facility
Company Tokyo Institute of Technology Tsukamoto-Lab (Japan)
Director Yoshiharu Tsukamoto Laboratory, Toru Takeuchi Laboratory, and Manabu Ihara Laboratory, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Designer Facilities Department, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Takuji Fukuda, Hiroki Hirayama and Akira Sanui, NIHON SEKKEI
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Environmental Energy Innovation Building

Solar panels on the west side of the Environmental Energy Innovation Building