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2013 International Symposium on Design and Emotions


Published: May 1, 2013

2013 International Symposium on Design and Emotions

Outline of ACEEES
2013 International Symposium on Design and Emotions

On March 14, "2013 International Symposium on Design and Emotions" was held at Tokyo Midtown Design Hub.

The symposium consisted of lectures and exhibitions by researchers from Ecole Centrale Nantes (France), Max Planck Institute (Germany), NTT Communication Science Laboratories (Japan), Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - ETH Zurich (Switzerland), Singapore University of Technology and Design (Singapore) and Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan).

The speaker lineup reflected the multidisciplinary profile of design, with experts in kansei/affective engineering, industrial design, information science, semiotics, cognitive science and neuroscience.

Design shapes our life
Transportation, communication devices, leisure equipment, cooking utensils... Because our everyday environment is shaped by designed objects, improving the way people use, experience and feel objects is a crucial issue tackled by designers, engineers and scientists. Users now expect products which are not only useful and easy-to-use but also enjoyable and pleasant to use.

Contemporary issues in design research
In this context, design research aims at solving contemporary issues such as:
- how to design creative and innovative products
- how to design products that fit our body and brain capabilities
- how to design products that provide a satisfying experience to people
- how to design for people who are not aware of what they need
- how to design for usages and experiences which do not exist yet
The symposium attracted the participation of about 80 people, from Japan (50%) and from overseas (50%), with various activities: academia (50%), students (30%) and people from companies (20%)


As demonstrated by the lively Q&A sessions and post-conference gathering, the symposium seemed highly appreciated and we hope to hold it again next year!

The organizers,
Associate Professor Celine Mougenot and Associate Professor. Takako Yoshida, Department of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering
Professor Kayoko Nohara, International Student Center

(This article previously appeared in "Tokyo Institute of Technology Bulletin")