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Announcement regarding Typhoon WIPHA [Updated at 12 p.m. on Oct. 16]


Published: October 15, 2013

A huge and strong typhoon (Typhoon WIPHA) is expected to hit the Kanto region early tomorrow morning.
Japan Meteorological Agency has announced warnings of heavy storms and high waves.
Please contact each organizer to check details for events scheduled at Tokyo Tech.

The Library will be closed temporarily.

The Library will open at 12 p.m. today, Wednesday, October 16. [This article was updated at 12 p.m. on October 16.]

Library will be closed temporarily

Please be aware that faculty and staffs of other facilities and offices could be late according to transportation and hazard avoidance.

Current Students

All morning classes will be canceled on October 16.
Please check the "Announcement" on the Current Students page.

Classes cancelled due to Typhoon WIPHA

Schedules for afternoon classes will be updated around 10 a.m. on the same page.

Classes will be held from Period 5 (beginning at 1:20 p.m.) as usual on Wednesday, October 16. For details, please refer to the "Announcement" on the Current Students webpage. [This article was updated at 12 p.m. on October 16.]

Classes in the afternoon will be held