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Suzukakedai Library Displays Books from the Peripatos Collection


Published: October 31, 2013

The Peripatos Collection at the Suzukakedai Library contains more than 4,400 books. The books are primarily recent novels in paperback pocket edition, travel guides and photo books. The Library provides a relaxing and comfortable space to enjoy reading these and many other books.

Currently 100 new Peripatos Collection books are being displayed in the 3F lounge of the Suzukake Hall to showcase the Library's holdings and promote relaxation and pleasure reading. Each month the Library plans to display another 100 new Peripatos Collection books in the 3F lounge and will make every attempt to include four to five English books in the display.

Terms of use for the displayed books.

  • Books are non-circulating.
  • Books can be read only in the lounge.
  • Books must be returned to the display shelf after use.

We hope these featured books will provide you with reading pleasure and relaxation!

Contact: Suzukakedai Library Group, Library Division