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Education Reform Press Briefing


Published: December 19, 2013

Tokyo Tech's education reform efforts were announced at a press briefing on October 11 to over fifteen news organizations by President Yoshinao Mishima, Executive Vice President for Education and International Affairs Toshio Maruyama and Executive Vice President for Finance and Public Relations Kiyoshi Otani.

President Mishima talked about the necessity of education reforms to produce human resources who will contribute to the betterment of Japan and the world. The reforms are scheduled to be fully implemented by April 2016.

Tokyo Tech will carry out education reforms according to the following three pillars.

Build the Education System of One of the World's Top Universities

  • Completely revitalize curricula, lectures and teaching methods
  • Make curricula and syllabi globally accessible

Innovate Learning

  • Number courses according to their content level allowing students to freely select subjects according to their progression of study
  • Consider the introduction of an academic quarter system, increase the depth of course content and make evaluation and completion processes more rigorous
  • Implement a faculty support system to optimize student learning

Promote Ambitious Internationalization

  • Increase the establishment of exchange agreements with the world's top universities and promote mutual exchanges of students and faculty members
  • Introduce a new education system to give students the flexibility to participate in short-term or long-term study abroad programs

Tokyo Tech's Education Reform

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Tokyo Tech's Education Reform