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Open-Access Full-Text Files Surpass 2,000 Mark in Tokyo Tech Research Repository (T2R2)


Published: May 20, 2014

The Tokyo Tech Research Repository or T2R2 is a unified system for data storage, management and dissemination of academic work such as papers, articles and books published by Tokyo Tech researchers. T2R2 provides a means of registration, storage and dissemination of the metadata (bibliographic information) and PDF files of the academic publications written by researchers affiliated with Tokyo Tech. Articles and books registered in the T2R2 system can be widely searched and read by users both on and off campus in the T2R2 system.

On March 19, the registration of open-access full-text files surpassed the 2,000 mark. T2R2 will continue to disseminate Tokyo Tech research results to the world.

Comments from Professor Akinori Nishihara of the Department of Human System Science in the Graduate School of Decision Science and Technology who registered the 2,000th file in T2R2.

Can you summarize your academic paper which was the 2,000th T2R2 file?

From any given power symmetric transfer function, 2-channel IIR filter banks without aliasing and amplitude distortions are systematically obtained by successively extracting allpass-based 2-port networks. The proposed method enables us to construct wide classes of filter banks including even-order IIR and hybrid IIR-FIR cases.

Who are the expected readers of the file you submitted?

People who are interested in internal structures (processing algorithms) of digital signal processing.

What future plans do you have for research?

Not only applications, but theoretical research like this paper will be conducted.