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Suzukakedai Library renovated


Published: August 25, 2014

The 1st floor of the Suzukakedai Library at the Suzukakedai Campus was renovated and reopened on July 4, providing a more comfortable space for visitors. The Peripatos Collection has been moved to the 1st floor near the gate barrier, and new chairs, sofas, tables and carpet have been added. The counter size has been reduced to allow a more open and relaxed reading area.

The library also started to offer new services on the same day, allowing more people to enjoy the Peripatos Collection. Books from the Collection can be searched for on the Library Catalog (OPAC)outer. If a book is checked out, the due date and number of reservations will be displayed on OPAC. Visitors who wish to read the Peripatos Collection books should come directly to the Suzukakedai Library. With a Tokyo Tech library card, visitors are able to borrow up to two books from the Collection for two weeks.

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What is the Peripatos Collection?

In March 2007 the Peripatos Collection was launched in the Suzukakedai Library, including a comfortable and relaxing space to enjoy reading the books. The collection itself contains more than 5,100 books which mainly consist of new novels, paperback pocket editions and travel guidebooks. Today, new books are being bought with the support of five departments based at the Suzukakedai Campus. For details visit the Peripatos Collection webpage.outer

The naming of the Peripatos Collection

The name of the collection comes from the campus improvement plan, Peripatos no Kento 21, which aims to establish the Suzukakedai Campus as a world-class research center by 2025, the year in which the campus marks its 50th anniversary. Peripatos, referencing the colonnades, or peripatoi, in the Lyceum where Aristotle and his students met, became the name of Aristotle's school of philosophy, and his followers were known as peripatetics. “Peripatetic” also means wandering or walking about. It is said that Aristotle lectured while walking, and thus Aristotle's school is often referred to as the Peripatetic school.

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