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Students from abroad enjoy homestay in farming village


Published: March 12, 2015

Kakuda City, Miyagi, welcomed international students from Tokyo Tech during the Institute's homestay program from February 9 to 12, 2015. The program - supported by Kakuda City and its Agriculture Public Corporation - has brought more than 140 students and researchers to the city since its inception seven years ago. This year, Kakuda City Mayor Kisuke Otomo and Superintendent of Kakuda City Board of Education Toshihiko Kikuchi took part in the welcome ceremony.

Welcome ceremony

Helping local farmers with their work

The students stayed on farms to experience life in rural Japan. They enjoyed helping local farmers with their work, making buckwheat noodles, and various other activities. They also visited a nearby town of Yamamoto, where the extensive damage from the 2011 tsunami can still be seen, and visited Nakahama Elementary School, which has been preserved as a memorial.

Through their visit, the students experienced a different side of Japan and enjoyed the warm hospitality extended by the people of Kakuda.

Making buckwheat noodles
The warm hospitality extended by the people of Kakuda

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