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Sneak peek of renewed 1st floor at Museum and Centennial Hall


Published: September 17, 2015

In line with the vigorous education reform and internationalization efforts being implemented at Tokyo Tech, the first floor of the Museum and Centennial Hall has been transformed into the Learning & Information Commons (provisional). Approximately 70 Tokyo Tech staff members including President Yoshinao Mishima, directors, faculty, and administrative staff were present for the preview of the refurbished facilities and updated equipment on August 4.

165-inch wall vision system
165-inch wall vision system

President Mishima and Museum Vice Director Kamei

President Mishima and Museum Vice Director Kamei

Communication tools demo

Communication tools demo

Outline of renewal

The new Learning & Information Commons is an open, versatile area with two main functions. Primarily, it serves as an active learning workspace which encourages creation and collaboration among students and faculty. It also operates as an information commons that provides the public with useful, up-to-date news about the Institute.


The area below the new wall vision system has been open for use from August 17.

  • Opening hours:
    9:30a.m. to 4:30p.m., Monday through Friday (excluding holidays and event days)

Features of the new Commons

In addition to general renovations to improve the look and feel of the 1st floor, several new features have been installed to make information sharing and the active learning experience more efficient.

  1. 1.Wall vision system and speakers
    The wall vision system is a 165-inch high-definition screen that connects wirelessly to other devices. It can be used to broadcast information and footage from different location around the campus, and provides a solution for events involving large-audience video conferences. Speakers on the ceiling direct audio to specific areas, making smaller seminars and events possible in different zones of the floor.
  2. 2.White wall, e-blackboard, and communication tools
    The 30-meter white wall is a multi-purpose surface that can be used for projections, brainstorming, and note-taking. The electronic blackboard and communications tools on mobile cabinets can be moved to quickly facilitate discussions and workshops.
  3. 3.Display cases and shelf partitions
    New display cases are reserved for exhibitions and shelf partitions can be used for both storage and area zoning.
  4. 4.Information counter
    Staff will be stationed at the information counter to provide support in using the new facilities and equipment.
  • Mobile communication tools

    Mobile communication tools

  • Display cases

    Display cases

  • Information counter

    Information counter


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This article has been updated with new information on September 25.