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Tokyo Tech winner at Nihon-Ryugaku Awards


Published: September 17, 2015

Tokyo Tech has been selected as one of the National & Public Universities of East Japan Winners in the 2015 Nihon-Ryugaku Awards. The award is presented to higher education institutions in Japan which are recommended by faculty of Japanese language schools to exchange students as they prepare to enter a Japanese university.

Awards ceremony
Awards ceremony

This year, Tokyo Tech was lauded specifically for:

  • Student development through excellent science and engineering education and facilities
  • Faculty's understanding of students' needs, meticulous support to exchange students
Nihon-Ryugaku Awards

The Nihon-Ryugaku Awards are sponsored by the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education (APJLE). The awards began on a smaller scale in August 2012 when APJLE announced the results of a survey conducted among its own language schools regarding recommended universities for exchange students.

National & Public Universities of East Japan Winners

Today, over 400 Japanese language schools are invited to participate in the annual survey. Faculty members directly involved with student support from each language school cast their vote online, basing their selections on criteria such as Japanese language education, general education, and research environment and facilities. The top-ranked universities and colleges are announced at the summer APJLE ceremony.

Group photo
Group photo


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