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Tokyo Institute of Technology and NRI entered a partnership agreement


Published: May 16, 2016

Tokyo Institute of Technology and NRI entered a partnership agreement
Promoting world-leading research and education in cyber security

Tokyo, May 10, 2016 - On April 28, Nomura Research Institute (NRI) and Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) entered into a partnership agreement for the NRI & Tokyo Tech Cyber Security Education and Research Co-Creation Program (the Program).

Paresident & CEO Shingo Konomoto of NRI (left) and President Yoshinao Mishima of Tokyo Tech (right)
President & CEO Shingo Konomoto of NRI (left) and President Yoshinao Mishima of Tokyo Tech (right)

Per this agreement, Tokyo Tech and NRI will promote research and education in cyber security for a 2-year period from April 2016. In addition to joint research by the two parties as part of the Program, a Cyber Security Special Professional Learning Program will be established in which instructors are sent from the NRI Group, thus promoting cultivation of high-level cyber security professionals.

Characteristics of the Program

As typified by the internet, together with the development of IT networks and the advancement of high-level utilization of IT, there are also escalated threats to cyber security. Society continues to be significantly impacted by the outflow of personal information and intellectual property due to cyber attacks. According to the "Proposals for Reinforcing Cybersecurity Measures" issued by the Nippon Keidanren (Japan Business Federation) on February 17, 2015, there is currently a major shortage of cyber security professionals in Japan, and it is important for corporations and universities to cooperate in order to cultivate cyber security professionals.

In response to such social demands, Tokyo Tech and NRI will cooperate through the Program to implement join research in cyber security, and will contribute to the education of students by providing practical defense technology against cyber security attacks which was accumulated by NRI through many years of experience.

Furthermore, based on the Program for partnership with NRI, Tokyo Tech also cooperated with Rakuten, NTT, and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in order to open the Cyber Security Special Professional Learning Program at the Tokyo Tech Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering in April 2016.

Background of Partnership

With a history of 135 years since its founding, Tokyo Tech is Japan's largest science and engineering university. In April 2015, Tokyo Tech became a parent organization for promoting collaborative industry-academia-government research in information security. The university established the Cyber Security Research Promotion Association in order to respond to corporate needs and began to search for partners. On the other hand, as a company which "creates future society" by discerning and realizing future social paradigms, NRI has established the provision of advanced services in IT and other fields as the basis of our management. In the information security field, NRI has established the dedicated group company NRI Secure Technologies, Ltd. Recently, amidst a rapid increase in cyber attacks and related damage, NRI sought partners in conducting education for high-level security professionals and for performing research in defense technologies.

Tokyo Tech and NRI share the same aspirations, which led them to enter an agreement to make significant practical advancements in education for world-class cyber security professionals and cutting-edge research.

Partnership Fields

The NRI & Tokyo Tech Cyber Security Education and Research Co-Creation Program will be established and a partnership will be conducted in the following two fields.

  • Research in defense technology for cyber security attacks
  • Cultivation (education) of professionals who possess high-level expertise regarding cyber security attacks

Items to Realize Through Partnership

Joint research

In the field of cyber security, in addition to analyzing attack methods, conduct technical research related to tools, techniques, and practical methods for defending from attacks.

Education of professionals

As a Cyber Security Special Professional Learning Program for students enrolled in the master's program, doctoral program, or professional degree program, the following two courses will be opened with NRI Group employees serving as instructors.

Cyber Security Attacks & Defense I (2 credits)
Cyber Security Attacks & Defense III (2 credits)

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School of Computing
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