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Tokyo Tech Researchers awarded the Ceramics Grand Prize


Published: July 12, 2016

Professor Hideo Hosono, Professor Toshio Kamiya, and Professor Emeritus Hiroshi Kawazoe of the Laboratory for Materials and Structures, Institute of Innovative Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology have been awarded the Ceramics Grand Prize for their research on the creation and application of inorganic electronic materials , the first in 28 years.

From the back right: Professor Emeritus Hiroshi Kawazoe, Professor Toshio Kamiya, and Professor Hideo Hosono
From the back right: Professor Emeritus Hiroshi Kawazoe, Professor Toshio Kamiya, and Professor Hideo Hosono

The "Ceramics Grand Prize", the highest recognition granted by the Ceramic Society of Japan, is awarded to researchers in recognition of their original and innovative achievements for inventions, development, or practical applications in the ceramics industry, or discoveries related to the science and technology of ceramics. Ever since the prize was awarded to the University of Tokyo research group which led the world in the development of copper-oxide ceramic superconductors, and the researchers from NGK Spark Plug Co., Ltd. and NGK Insulators, Ltd. who developed ceramic turbochargers, no one has received the award.

The award ceremony of the second Ceramics Grand Prize was held on June 3rd at the general meeting of the society. They were praised for opening up the new field of transparent oxide electronics by creating materials such as transparent P-type semiconductors and transparent amorphous oxide semiconductors (TAOS) with high electron mobility based on an original materials design approach with transparent oxides from which ceramics are mainly made, as well as realizing electronic devices such as oxide CMOS and high-mobility thin-film transistors typified IGZO.

A Comment from Recipient Representative, Professor Hideo Hosono

This research was performed at the former Materials and Structures Laboratory over 20-plus years by three generations of researchers: Kawazoe, Hosono, and Kamiya. It is the product of recommendations from professors at the Suzukakedai and Ookayama campuses (headed by Professor Emeritus Shigekazu Udagawa). Tokyo Tech's research achievements in ceramics are at a world-class level, but because new trends and the fusion of research fields continue apace, it is essential that we boldly face challenges. We wish to continue dedicating ourselves to research.


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