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2016 Tokyo Tech Award for Student Leadership


Published: December 1, 2016

Recipients of the Tokyo Tech Award for Student Leadership for the 2016 academic year were acknowledged on October 12. Awarded every year since 2002 to 2nd-, 3rd-, and 4th-year undergraduate-level students with extraordinary intellect, humanity, creativity, and energy, the award aims to encourage highly motivated students to continue with their studies and work towards becoming global leaders.

2016 commemorative photo
2016 commemorative photo

At the ceremony, President Yoshinao Mishima awarded the students with their certificates and prizes. After the formalities, recipients had pleasant discussions with the president, executive vice presidents, and deans.

2016 Tokyo Tech Award for Student Leadership recipients and award-winning activities

Yuji Isshiki
4th year, Chemistry
  • ATOMS Student Association activities
  • High Energy Accelerator Research Organization summer challenge activities
  • TiROP short-term program activities
Ryota Nagashima
4th year, Metallurgical Engineering
  • Cycling club (cycle ball) activities
  • Outbound study abroad activities
  • Great East Japan Earthquake volunteer activities
Ryota Sasaki
4th year, Control and Systems Engineering
  • Overseas training activities (incl. Global Scientists and Engineers Course)
  • Contributions to Control and Systems Engineering Department lecture "Creative Design of Control Systems"
Atsuhiro Tsuruta
4th year, Computer Science
  • Programming contest success
  • Development of commercial smart phone applications
Daisuke Ujiie
4th year, International Development Engineering
  • Tokyo Tech-Asia Young Scientist and Engineer Advanced Study Program activities
  • Judo Club activities
Hiraku Tokuma
4th year, Biotechnology
  • Board game development and other activities for Japanese Consortium for Human Microbiome
  • Leader of iGEM Tokyo Tech 2015 team, winner of ninth consecutive gold medal

2016 Tokyo Tech Award for Student Leadership recipients
2016 Tokyo Tech Award for Student Leadership recipients