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FY2016 STAR grant recipients selected


Published: June 15, 2017

Two Tokyo Tech faculty members — Associate Professors Kazuhiko Maeda and Masahiro Takinoue — have been named as the recipients of the Support for Tokyo Tech Advanced Researchers (STAR) grant for FY2016.

From left: President Yoshinao Mishima, grant recipients Kazuhiko Maeda and Masahiro Takinoue, Executive Vice President for Research Makoto Ando
From left: President Yoshinao Mishima, grant recipients Kazuhiko Maeda and Masahiro Takinoue,
Executive Vice President for Research Makoto Ando

The STAR grant is awarded each year to promising young researchers. Recipients should conduct research in areas with themes that have the potential to become national projects in the future. Other recipients are to include those who have achieved distinguished results in the fundamental sciences. Through the STAR grant, Tokyo Tech seeks to support upcoming 'shining stars' in the next generation of researchers.

For the first time since the start of this grant, a research workshop led by the awardees was also held at Centennial Hall on Ookayama Campus. Maeda and Takinoue made presentations on their research to executive management, vice presidents, university research administrators, and industry collaboration coordinators at Tokyo Tech, aiming to increase understanding and cooperation among all those involved with industry-academia collaboration at the Institute.

Following the workshop, a networking event allowed participants to further discuss how to more effectively support each other in order to revitalize Tokyo Tech research and development activities.

About the STAR grant


Funded by the Tokyo Institute of Technology Foundation, this program aims to provide large-scale support to bright young researchers who create new value based on various unique research achievements in the fundamental sciences. This objective is in line with the Institute's mid-term goals and contributes to enhancing research capacity.

Selection process

Based on their career and research achievements, recipients are selected by the president and the head of the Research Strategy Office. Individuals cannot apply for this grant.

Selection criteria

  • Young researchers engaged in a project which contributes to strategic policies on the national level
  • Young researchers who demonstrated outstanding achievement in basic research
  • Early-career researchers with a title of associate professor or below (in principle under the age of 40)

This year, two faculty members were named as recipients of the STAR grant.

Associate Professor
Associate Professor

Takinoue delivered presentation
Takinoue delivered presentation

 Maeda at networking session
Maeda at networking session

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