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Change to bicycle safety guidelines on Ookayama campus


Published: October 10, 2017

Ookayama Campus is mainly used by Tokyo Tech students, staff, and visitors to the Institute, but members of the local community also make use of it daily as a thoroughfare.

Due to a recent rise in bicycle accidents, the Institute has updated its bicycle safety guidelines for Ookayama Campus. The non-riding area now includes most of the paved areas just inside the main gate, and all cyclists are expected to dismount their bicycles in these areas.

If you are riding a bicycle on Ookayama Campus, please help avoid accidents by obeying these safety rules.

Non-riding area:

  • Existing prohibited area (red part of map)
  • Roundabout near main gate
  • Paved area in front of Administration Bureau Bldg. 4
  • Paved area in front of motorbike parking (yellow part of map)

Prohibited bicycle running area around the main gate(Ookayama campus)