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"Tokyo Tech: An alternate future" video now available


Published: May 10, 2018

Since 2016, the Institute has been holding workshops where the Tokyo Tech community can openly brainstorm its unique strengths and the impact it generates. These dialogues have resulted in a shared vision of the present and future of the Institute — the Tokyo Tech 2030 Statement — which encourages all Tokyo Tech members to confidently pursue their passions, actively engage with others, and openly transfer their knowledge to those around them.

A new video has been created to spread the vision of Tokyo Tech’s students, faculty, and staff, and to inspire more creators and innovators to imagine "an alternate future."

Tokyo Tech: An alternate future

Unity and continuity

The comprehensive reforms initiated by Tokyo Tech in 2012 have played an important role in uniting the Institute under a common goal. Recently, this unity has strengthened further with the selection of the Institute as a designated national university in March 2018. Under the leadership of the new president and executive team, the Tokyo Tech community continues to fully utilize its strengths of individual creativity, diversity, and collaborative spirit — all encapsulated in the Tokyo Tech 2030 Statement — to create a better future.

Tokyo Tech 2030

An alternate future
The Tokyo Tech 2030 statement, consisting of spirit and action, formulated in a series of workshops by members of the Tokyo Tech community

Tokyo Tech 2030


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