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Audience scared straight at bike safety class


Published: July 3, 2018

Aiming to raise awareness of the dangers of bicycle accidents in and around campus, Tokyo Tech — in collaboration with Denenchofu Police Station — held a bicycle safety class on Ookayama Campus on June 20.

Bicycle crash enacted by stuntmen

Bicycle crash enacted by stuntmen

Attracting over 300 students, faculty, staff, and local community members, the event starred professional stuntmen who acted out a variety of dangerous scenarios involving bicycles, automobiles, and pedestrians. This "scared straight" method was accompanied by suggestions on how to avert potentially unsafe situations by following a few simple rules.

Professor Hiroki Takahara of the School of Engineering — a member of the disaster prevention and traffic safety team at the General Safety Management Section — also explained the traffic safety rules on campus, and a member from the Denenchofu Police Station gave a short talk.

The Institute encourages all those who want to avoid becoming the culprit or victim of an accident to obey all traffic rules — both on and off campus.


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