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Published: December 11, 2018

From August 29 to September 8, thirteen Tokyo Tech students visited Vietnam as participants in the Tokyo Tech-Asia Young Scientist and Engineer Advanced Study (AYSEAS) 2018 program.

At Hanoi University of Science and Technology

At Hanoi University of Science and Technology

Program overview

Tokyo Tech-AYSEAS is a joint educational program organized annually by Tokyo Tech and partner universities to bring together students from universities in Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, and Vietnam. Through site visits, discussions, and communication with students from different backgrounds, AYSEAS participants learn about and experience the dynamism of rapidly growing Asian countries.

Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST) in Vietnam was the program host for AYSEAS 2018 and assisted Tokyo Tech in organizing the program. In addition to the Tokyo Tech delegation, fourteen students from Hanoi University of Science and Technology, De La Salle University, and University of the Philippines Diliman participated in the program. Visiting leading Vietnam and Japanese companies, a pumping station, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Vietnam office, and historical and cultural sites, the students learned about Vietnamese industry and society and the relationships between Japan and ASEAN countries.

Company visit
Company visit

Group discussion
Group discussion

After site visits each day, students applied the knowledge they acquired to discussions of various challenges faced by Vietnam and other Asian countries. Topics included energy resources and environmental protection, the effects of technology transfer on business growth, and traffic jams caused by mass motorization. In group discussions, they considered and proposed solutions to specific issues. The groups shared the proposals in presentations on the last day of the program. On the weekend, the students visited Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage site. They also focused on cultural exchange with introductions of their countries and cultures.

In a grotto at Ha Long Bay
In a grotto at Ha Long Bay

Cultural Exchange Party
Cultural Exchange Party

The program provided participants with opportunities not only to get a firsthand view of the vibrant atmosphere of Vietnam, but also to experience building relationships with peers with different nationalities, cultures, and religious traditions. Working toward common goals and sharing accommodation and meals throughout the program, the students developed close friendships.

A debriefing session was held at Tokyo Tech on October 10. Presenting more in-depth versions of the presentations they had made in Vietnam, Tokyo Tech's participants reported their experiences in the program. After the presentations, Executive Vice President for Education Tetsuya Mizumoto presented each student with a certificate of program completion.

Program Schedule

Preparatory studies (lectures by professors in English, visit to Kirin Yokohama factory, general briefing on Vietnam, and pre-departure research and presentations)
Summer vacation
Independent study by participants
August 29
Arrival in Hanoi, Vietnam and ice-breaking session
August 30
Opening ceremony and campus tour of Hanoi University of Science and Technology
August 31
Visit to Vietnam HTMP Company and Santomas Vietnam JSC.
September 1
Visit to Ha Long Bay
September 2
Visit to Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum area
Visit to Temple of Literature and Vietnam Museum of Ethnology
September 3
Cultural exchange party
September 4
Visit to DENSO Vietnam and Thang Long Industrial Park Corporation
September 5
Visit to Ebara Vietnam Pump Company and Yen So Pumping Station
September 6
Visit to Luvina Software and JICA Vietnam Office
September 7
Final presentations and closing ceremony in Vietnam
September 8
Return to Japan
October 10
Debriefing and presentation session at Tokyo tech, reception

AYSEAS 2018 participating universities

  • Japan: Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Vietnam: Hanoi University of Science and Technology (host university)
  • The Philippines: De La Salle University, University of the Philippines Diliman

Participants' experiences

  • Gyohei Nomura

    2nd-year undergraduate, Physics

I wanted to do something different from a usual summer vacation, and I found Tokyo Tech-AYSEAS. There are mainly two reasons why I had decided to join this program. Firstly, different from other study abroad programs offered through Tokyo Tech, the prospect of many students from different countries gathering together to travel was really attractive to me. Secondly, my friend who had participated last year strongly recommended the program.

Through AYSEAS, I realized that what is important is not how good you are at English, but how you express your ideas using English. I think we all realized the importance of having our own opinions and being able to explain them to others.

I gained a lot of inspiration from other students during my stay in Vietnam. There were students who were very good at making presentations or who asked good questions every time. We were constantly surprised by those students and learned many things from them. I still remember that, as we travelled together on the bus one day, one of the students enthusiastically shared his tips for making a good presentation. My experiences during this program make me think that I should act more spontaneously. I gained motivation to try new things.

I strongly recommend the program to students who are interested in doing activities while using English. Don't hesitate; participate in AYSEAS!

At a local restaurant Lunch
At a local restaurant Lunch

At HUST cafeteria
At HUST cafeteria

  • Riko Kamata

    4th-year undergraduate, Life Science Technology

Whether you are interested in studying abroad or not, I recommend this program to all students for two reasons.

One reason is the group discussions. For those who are planning to study abroad, I believe you will be more determined to improve your English ability after the study trip. On the other hand, even if you are not planning to study abroad at present, I think it is beneficial for you to join AYSEAS for the discussions with students from other countries and backgrounds. You are able to learn a lot from others' perspectives and majors, which will definitely broaden your horizons. Through this program, I found how important it is to gain exposure to different knowledge, experiences, and ways of thinking. This was especially true when we were preparing our presentation. Receiving advice from others helped me understand my weaknesses and learn how to improve. Back in Japan, I more actively share my opinions, request feedback, and listen more carefully to other people.

The second reason is the opportunity to make friends abroad. Even after the program, I keep in touch with other participants. We are sharing advice and even traveling and studying abroad in each other's countries. These interactions are so much fun and broaden our perspectives.

At St. Joseph Cathedral

At St. Joseph Cathedral

  • Wei-Hung Chen

    1st-year master's student, Chemical Science and Engineering

I would like to recommend Tokyo Tech-AYSEAS to students considering study abroad. The length of this 10-day program is just right, as it does not interfere with postgraduate students' research activities. I joined this program because I wanted to know more about the development of Japanese companies in other countries.

One of the companies we visited was Luvina, a software development company. We met a Vietnamese graduate of Tokyo Tech employed by Luvina, who explained that the company's management practices, such as using the Ho-Ren-So method and offering on-the-job-training, are quite similar to those of Japanese companies.

Though I participated in overseas programs four times while I was a university student in Taiwan, I think Tokyo Tech-AYSEAS is worth joining because participating students have more opportunities to make friends with local students. In general, we had free time at night, so we went out with Vietnamese students and thus had a chance to experience local life during our stay.

Before the final presentation held at Tokyo Tech on October 10, we had a video conference with our Vietnamese and Filipino group members. Thanks to their support, we were able to deliver the presentation with confidence. I was lucky to meet these students as a postgraduate. During the study trip, we became close friends after meeting as strangers. Without each of them, I might have lived a dull life, busy with my research and not doing anything else. I am so glad I joined AYSEAS!

At the JICA Vietnam Office

At the JICA Vietnam Office


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