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Ookayama gets first Campus Environment Fund bench


Published: June 14, 2019

The first bench commemorating a donor to Tokyo Tech's Campus Environment Fund was installed on Ookayama Campus in April 2019. The uniquely-shaped bench, shaded by the cherry blossom trees along the wood deck in front of the Main Building, is engraved with a special message from donor Dr. Hayato Obo, a Tokyo Tech alumni.

Alumni and donor Obo (left) with President Kazuya Masu during Homecoming Day

Alumni and donor Obo (left) with President Kazuya Masu during Homecoming Day

Bench with commemorative plaque

Bench with commemorative plaque

Bench with commemorative plaque

Comments from Dr. Hayato Obo

Ookayama Campus was my home for five years during my master's and doctoral studies. Before that, I studied electrical engineering at Tokyo Metropolitan College of Technology. When I was going through the admissions process here, I remember being part of a diverse environment where many outstanding domestic and international students were thirsty for specialized knowledge. Nestled in a residential area and emitting beauty throughout the four seasons, Ookayama Campus became for me a place of learning that greatly boosted my expertise. It is also special as I met my wife here.

The plaque on this bench reads "When The Roots Are Deep There Is No Reason To Fear The Wind." I hope that my small gift contributes to this beautiful, green campus, that the tradition of diverse, highly specialized education and research activity at Tokyo Tech continues to thrive, and that future students feel as comfortable here as I did.

Tokyo Tech's Campus Environment Fund

With support from the Campus Environment Fund, established under the Tokyo Institute of Technology Fund, the Institute aims to provide and maintain a rich, green, attractive campus environment. Contributions, accepted from both individual and corporate donors, go towards maintaining the flora, plazas, and other features that make Tokyo Tech's campuses unique. Donors who contribute a certain amount can have a commemorative plaque bearing their name added to a campus feature such as a bench or building. They are also offered a certificate of gratitude and a personal invitation to a special event hosted by the president.

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