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Welcome Coffee Hours held online for new international students


Published: May 18, 2021

Welcome Coffee Hours held online for new international students

The Japanese Section of the Institute for Liberal Arts (ILA) hosted the Welcome Coffee Hours event for Tokyo Tech's new international students on April 9. Unlike in previous years, the event was held online due to the effects of the coronavirus. Over 50 students, both international and local, participated in the two-session event.

During both sessions, participants were able to join one of four groups based on their interests:

  • Japanese conversation practice
  • Consultation with faculty regarding Japanese classes
  • Exchange with senior international students
  • Exchange with Student Association for Global Exchange (SAGE) members

At the end of the sessions, new students were warmly welcomed to Tokyo Tech by Vice President for Teaching and Learning Jun-ichi Imura and Professor Hilofumi Yamamoto from the Japanese Section.

Welcome Coffee Hours online

Welcome Coffee Hours online

Feedback after the event was positive. Many participants said they found the Welcome Coffee Hours both useful and enjoyable. They were pleased to practice their Japanese skills and hear about life in Japan from local staff and students, and said they would like to participate in more similar events in the future.

In April 2021, 57 international students joined bachelor's degree programs, while 231 international students began more advanced study programs at the Institute.

Message from Japanese section faculty

Prof. Yamamoto speaking to students
Prof. Yamamoto speaking to students

Hilofumi Yamamoto

Professor, Institute for Liberal Arts

While the number of international students joining Tokyo Tech in April 2021 was lower than usual due to COVID-19, it is wonderful to see the proactivity and positive attitude demonstrated by those who managed to join us. These students have embarked on their personal journeys towards becoming leading scientists and engineers, and I believe they have many things to gain by joining Tokyo Tech. Their futures look both bright and fruitful. I hope these students enjoy not only their studies, but also living in Japan and interacting with the locals.

I would like to ask all members of the public to warmly watch over and support the international students of Tokyo Tech.

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