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English Environmental Report 2021 Digest Version now available online


Published: November 30, 2021

Tokyo Tech's Environmental Report 2021 Digest is now available in English online.

Like businesses, Tokyo Tech and other national university corporations are required to compile and publish environmental reports annually in accordance with the Environmental Consideration Law of 2004. The Institute has been publishing its Japanese version of the report since FY2005 and an English digest since FY2019.

The 2021 digest includes a summary of Tokyo Tech's Environmental Policy and figures on energy consumption, CO2 emissions, and other environmental performance indicators for FY2020. It outlines the Institute's initiatives to reduce the environmental footprint created by both general waste and chemical waste from lab activities, and reports on current environmental research being conducted by Tokyo Tech researchers.

This year's report was created while paying particular attention to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Environmental Report 2021

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Environmental Report Preparation Working Group, General Safety Management Section