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Start-up Support Fund launched to encourage entrepreneurship among faculty and students


Published: May 12, 2022

Amidst its efforts to support entrepreneurial faculty members and students wishing to start their own business and accelerate the sharing of Tokyo Tech research findings with the public, Tokyo Tech launched the Start-up Support Fund on February 3, 2022.

The Start-up Support Fund is backed by donations from companies and other advocates and friends of Tokyo Tech, and primarily supports the following activities.

Programs to support commercialization of research findings (gap funding)
Activities to generate interest in entrepreneurship and develop budding entrepreneurs
Networking activities

For a number of years, the Institute has supported the establishment of Tokyo Tech Ventures, i.e. startups that were established by Tokyo Tech students, graduates, staff, or former employees, or utilize patents and research findings owned by Tokyo Tech or its faculty members, staff, or students, through various efforts and events such as Start-up Support for Students and the Tokyo Tech Venture Festival. Since fiscal year 2021, participation in initiatives such as the Japan Science and Technology Agency-backed Innovation design Platform (IdP) and the Greater Tokyo Innovation Ecosystem (GTIE) have accelerated efforts to improve the entrepreneurial environment on Tamachi Campus, construct a startup ecosystem in collaboration with other universities, local governments, and businesses, and give birth to new startup companies.

The Start-up Support Fund provides further support to close the gap between Tokyo Tech research findings and the firm implementation of these findings in society in order to create positive impact in the world.

Activities primarily supported by the fund

1. Programs to support commercialization of research findings (gap funding)

These programs aim to bridge the gap between research and commercialization, offering faculty and students who plan to commercialize their technology seeds with funding for prototype development, mentoring, and other support during their entrepreneurial journey.

2. Activities to generate interest in entrepreneurship and develop budding entrepreneurs

  • Seminars to enhance entrepreneurial knowledge
  • Pitch events
  • Demo days involving presentations from gap fund recipients, etc.

3. Networking activities

Networking and other exchange events

Networking and other exchange events

The Start-up Support Fund has already received its first significant contribution from Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. As a result of this generous gift, a gap funding program will be implemented to commercialize technology seeds in the areas of life science, environmental energy, and green transformation.

Tokyo Tech continues its efforts to support and expand the Start-up Support Fund so that budding entrepreneurs receive the support they need to create innovative tech startups that change the world.


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