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Fall 2022 orientation for new graduate-level students held


Published: November 16, 2022

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Tokyo Tech's Student Support Center and the student life coaches affiliated with the center's Student Success Support Section hosted online orientation sessions for the Institute's newest master's and doctoral students on September 21 and 24. A total of four 90-minute sessions — one in English and one in Japanese on both days — were held. Students from 21 countries and regions joined the sessions, with 117 participants joining the English orientations and 90 students tuning in during the Japanese sessions.

At the start of each session, Tokyo Tech President Kazuya Masu greeted the students via a video message. During his talk, Masu offered his words of encouragement to the latest cohort of graduate-level students beginning their Tokyo Tech journeys. He also introduced to the students the words of Seiichi Tejima, a man who dedicated over 25 years to enhancing technical education in Japan as president of Tokyo Technical School and Tokyo Higher Technical School, two of Tokyo Tech's predecessors.

After this, student life coaches specializing in student support offered a comprehensive explanation of common curricula and course structures, in addition to graduate-level programs and courses, job hunting, study abroad opportunities, financial aid, and the various support offices at Tokyo Tech.

Student life coach introducing study-related information at Tokyo Tech

Student life coach introducing study-related information at Tokyo Tech

Participants discussing issues related to work-life balance

Participants discussing issues related to work-life balance

The Japanese sessions also included talks by four current graduate-level students about their research and job-hunting experiences. In the English sessions, one doctoral student talked about their research life experiences at the graduate level, while two bachelor's program students introduced student exchange activities for new international students at Tokyo Tech, and shared information about life around the Institute's campuses. All sessions also included a brief 15-minute talk on graduate-level career paths and job hunting in Japan by the Career Support Services team.

Comments from participants

Feedback regarding the event from new graduate-level students at Tokyo Tech included the following:

  • It was fruitful to learn about some of the things that I should focus on as a student. I would like to thank all the people who provided explanations and created this opportunity for us.
  • I was able to visualize how to progress with my studies and research while being more aware of job-hunting activities during this short two-year period I have as a student.
  • It was a very nice orientation, introducing the various academic and non-academic procedures required in Tokyo Tech. I feel much more prepared to start my course with the material provided.
  • A lot of useful information and links were provided for further guidance. Well organized, especially with the sample timetables and steps displayed.
  • This was very thoughtful of the student life coaches. It helped me a lot because I was confused about a lot of things. I am glad now that I got some information on ways forward and I know now where to go for detailed information.
  • Thank you! Today's orientation was very helpful and insightful to help us to have a great life as students at Tokyo Tech, and to get the benefits from the maximum amount of studies and extracurricular activities.
  • Again, it was a wonderful time learning how to navigate my way at Tokyo Tech and also learning from the experiences of other students.
  • I am impressed that Tokyo Tech provides various classes, activities, and support for students' careers.

The following seven students, who participated as student life coach lecturers in these sessions, say they look forward to creating more ways to provide meaningful guidance to new Tokyo Tech students in the future.

  • Ryo Fushimi, 2nd-year master's student, Chemical Science and Engineering
  • Minori Akimoto, 2nd-year master's student, Chemical Science and Engineering
  • Ryoma Hamaoka, 1st-year master's student, Mechanical Engineering
  • Keisuke Sumitomo, 1st-year master's student, Mechanical Engineering
  • Shoki To, 3rd-year doctoral student, Computer Science
  • Namkyong Kim, 2nd year, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Shiho Otomo, 3rd year, Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering


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