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New university name "Institute of Science Tokyo" (tentative) to be submitted to ministry council


Published: January 19, 2023

Tokyo Tech and TMDU

National University Corporation Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) (President: Kazuya Masu) and National University Corporation Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU) (President: Yujiro Tanaka) have decided to submit the name of the new university "Institute of Science Tokyo" (tentative name) to the Council for University Chartering and School Corporation this month. Based on the basic agreement concluded on October 14, 2022, the two universities aim to complete their merger as soon as possible in fiscal year 2024.

Name of the new university

University Name

Institute of Science Tokyo
(In Japanese: 東京科学大学, Tokyo Kagaku Daigaku)


To be determined
(In Japanese: 科学大, Kagaku-dai)

Reasons for the new name

The name was chosen to express the aim and direction of the new university. The goal of the merger of the two universities is to create a new type of university, drawing on the tradition and innovation of both universities while at the same time creating a university that no other has been able to achieve to date. In particular, the basic agreement states that the new university will aim to:

  • further promote cutting-edge research at both institutions
  • develop "convergence science"* through cooperation and collaboration across departmental and other borders
  • produce highly specialized professionals who will pioneer the future based on comprehensive knowledge
  • nurture a culture of diversity, inclusion, and equity to foster innovation

The realization of these goals is driven by the development of science, not only in the universities' traditional specialties, but also in uncharted areas created by free thinking, dialogue, and perspectives from the humanities and social sciences. The new university's name expresses its strong will to guide the advancement of science and work together with society to create a vibrant future.

The new university intends to attract, more than ever, a diverse range of people, including not only those who pursue science, but also those who are broadly interested in science.
Furthermore, the new university will strive to promote the recognition of science as a culture and foster understanding and expectations from society. Thus, the word "science" was chosen to be part of the university's name because it is familiar and easy to remember.

"Tokyo" is included in the name of the new university, as it is for both universities now. The name "Tokyo" was chosen to show that the university is based in the international city of Tokyo, the capital of Japan.


Convergence science: An approach in which multiple historically different disciplines converge, resulting not merely in addition (e.g., 1+1=2), but rather the creation of new disciplines after convergence to discover unknown issues and solve social problems (i.e., 1+1>2).

Decision process

In determining the name of the new university, a Name Consideration Working Group (hereinafter referred to as "WG") was established under the Integration Preparatory Committee to discuss matters necessary for the integration of the two universities, with an equal number of members from both universities. In selecting the members of the WG, consideration was given to diversity in professions (faculty, students, administrative staff, URAs, and medical staff), gender, age, and internationality (nationality and English proficiency).
Proposals were accepted from November 25, 2022 to December 8, 2022 on the websites of both universities, and more than 6,000 proposals were received. Based on the results of the WG's review of the proposals received, the name of the new university was considered by the Integration Preparatory Committee to be in line with the purpose of the integration and the organizational culture that the new university aims to achieve, and was decided after deliberations by the boards of directors of both universities and other parties.

The name will remain tentative until the procedures at the Council for University Chartering and School Corporation and the amendment of the National University Corporation Law (deliberated by the Diet) are completed. Further changes may be made based on the trademark registration and other procedures.

About Tokyo Institute of Technology

Tokyo Tech stands at the forefront of research and higher education as the leading university for science and technology in Japan. Tokyo Tech researchers excel in fields ranging from materials science to biology, computer science, and physics. Founded in 1881 as Tokyo Vocational School, Tokyo Tech hosts over 10,000 students at the undergraduate and graduate levels each year, many of whom develop into scientific leaders and the most sought-after engineers in industry. Embodying the Japanese philosophy of "monotsukuri," meaning "technical ingenuity and innovation," the Tokyo Tech community strives to contribute to society through high-impact research.

About Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Tokyo Medical and Dental University was established as a national educational institution for dentistry on October 12, 1928, and is currently located in the Yushima/Shoheizaka area of Tokyo, which is considered sacred ground for scholarship and learning in Japan. As Japan’s only comprehensive medical university and graduate school, TMDU provides advanced medical treatment through a fusion of the medical and dental fields and works to cultivate “professionals with knowledge and humanity,” thereby contributing to human health and the well-being of society.



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