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Notice of apology: Email containing current student information mistakenly sent to currently enrolled students


Published: July 4, 2023

A file containing personal information of currently enrolled Tokyo Tech students was attached mistakenly to an email sent on the afternoon of June 28 to presently enrolled regular-course students.

The email in question was an announcement regarding the Career Consultation Session hosted by the Student Support Center’s Student Success Support Section at Tokyo Tech. The attached file, which is used to set up destination email addresses for students, contained personal information of approximately 10,000 currently enrolled Tokyo Tech students, including their names and email addresses. Due to erroneous operation of the Web System for Students and Faculty, the file was sent unintendedly to currently enrolled students with valid email addresses. Although the file did not include residing addresses or dates of birth, Tokyo Tech is making every effort to keep the contents of the file private in the interest of protecting our students.

To prevent secondary damage, the Institute is kindly asking all students who received the email to delete the relevant file. A consultation desk regarding the matter is also being set up. No secondary damage such as leakage or misuse of information outside Tokyo Tech has been confirmed at this time.

Tokyo Tech would like to issue a sincere apology to all those affected by this incident. The Institute considers security and privacy of the utmost importance, and is taking immediate measures to deal with the situation. The cause of the incident will be investigated thoroughly to ensure that similar events are avoided in the future.


Student Support Division, Student Support Center