Entrepreneurship Development Program/ToTAL OPEN Programs "EGAKU" Workshop 2022


Published: May 6, 2022

We are happy to announce "Call for Entries" to the subject workshop. Any of Tokyo Tech students, who are belonging to the categories below, are being encouraged to apply the workshop.

Any Graduate students who applied ToTAL courses; Fundamental Group Work for Leadership I/II, (master's/Doctoral) Essential Group Work for Leadership (S)
Any students (both Graduates and Under Graduate students) who are interested in the workshop on ad-hoc basis (no credit and GA will be given)
Any students (both Graduates and Under Graduate students) who are interested in fostering your won entrepreneurship
Any Doctoral students who are member of "Cross the border! Tokyo-Tech pioneering doctoral research program"


'See' art with your heart not your head. Let go of your assumptions and free your mind. Creating art isnt about drawing well. Its an invitation to explore different expressions and expand your mind and senses - to see more and feel more. EGAKU is an art program which unleashes and nurtures the creativity we all possess through the repeated practice of seeing and creating art. Creativity is like a muscle, it requires training and continued practice. Its an exciting and never-ending journey - a creative journey. What potential will you uncover inside yourself?

Where will this journey take you? Start your journey - channel your inner child and follow your curiosity.
While it is important for you to enhance your creativity through this workshop, verbalization of such creativity should be one of the important purposes of this workshop. How you inform others that what you feel in heart, and how you inform others of what you create in words? Verbalization should be equal to your logic capability, which should be very important function of your leadership.

workshop last time 1

workshop last time 2

Voices by students who joined the workshop last time

  • Do you have any special image about “drawing pictures”? Don't you believe youy are not good at “drawing” in comparison with others? Don'you think it might be shame for you to show your pictures to others? During the workshop, you are being requested to show your mind, not objects which you can see. Please do not mind if you are not good at drawing. No right answers. Even if your thoughts may not reach to others, the process to have communication with yourself may become “art” which should be a unique in the workld. (M2, Male)
  • First I heard from my friend about EGAKU, that how great the workshop was despite having held it online. But this year, I was lucky to join the workshop in person and I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed it for it was not only a drawing workshop as some might misinterpret, but it was open for everyone, and felt more like a meditation, or getting to know yourself time. So regardless of its being held online or offline, I totally recommend this workshop. (M2, Female)
  • Everybody can learn from this workshop. I can recommend this workshop for, especially, people who can not understand yourself, want to review yourself, or are not good at expressing yourself. (B3, Male)
  • EGAKU is not just a workshop on painting, its much bigger than that: its about learning to communicate with colors and shapes. We spend so much effort on verbal communication but not nearly enough on non-verbal communication. Painting a few strokes of color on a blank canvas can express so much, its difficult to imagine until you try it for yourself. EGAKU is one of those unique opportunities to try it out, so I really hope youll join the workshop in future! (D3, Male)
  • Learn to communicate with others and yourself in this workshop by the means of art, open your mind and embrace a brand new view on art, yourself and the world around you. No need to worry about technique, join now for this precious, mesmerizing experience. (D1, Male)
  • You will find that you have a variety of output methods!(B4, Male)


Sunday, June 26, 2022 13:00 - 17:00


S422, South Building #4, O-okayama (it may change to "on-line" depend on COVID-19 situation)


around 25 (in case of oversubscription, selection will be made by putting priority on the students who applied ToTAL course(s) and/or under-graduate students)


How to apply to the workshop: Please apply from Google Form which is referred in ToTAL/web page below:

Whether or not the applicant can actually join the workshop will be informed later to the applicants.

Entrepreneurship Development Program/ToTAL OPEN Programs "EGAKU" Workshop Flyer

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