The 25th Special Seminar of School of Engineering "The Role of Hydrogen in Decarbonizing a Coupled Energy System"


Published: June 10, 2022

Date and Time

Monday, June 27, 2022, 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.


Lecture theater W531 in Ookayama Campus and Online (Zoom)


Professor Michael Brear
FTSE FCI FIEAust Director, Melbourne Energy Institute, University of Melbourne, Australia


The decarbonization challenge requires us to do a lot more than reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from the electricity sector. Our transport, heating and industry sectors also emit significant greenhouse gases. Further, whilst these three sectors are already coupled, they are set to couple even more in future as we electrify more appliances and use more hydrogen across electricity, transport, heating and industry.
This talk therefore examines the decarbonization of three coupled energy sectors: electricity,transport and heating/industry. The sector coupling includes:

  • the production of hydrogen from each of electricity via electrolysis, the gasification of coal and the reforming of natural gas;
  • the displacement of gasoline/diesel and natural gas by any of these forms of hydrogen;
  • the generation of electricity by gas turbines and reciprocating engines fuelled by either natural gas or any of these forms of hydrogen; and
  • the electrification of the transport fleet.

The observed transition to zero emissions finds significant uses for hydrogen from both electrolysis and fossil fuels with carbon capture and storage (CCS) amongst a wide variety of technological options that each have their merits and drawbacks. These results also suggest that enforcing 100% renewable energy systems does not have a strong justification. Rather, close to 100% abatement may be achievable with some fossil fuel use combined with widespread renewable deployment and technological learning to contain costs, with the remaining emissions likely more cost‐effectively accounted for by using negative emission technologies.


Sponsored by School of Engineering
Co-sponsored by Tokyo Tech Academy of Energy and Informatics and InfoSyEnergy Research and Education Consortium

The 25th Special Seminar of School of Engineering "The Role of Hydrogen in Decarbonizing a Coupled Energy System"

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