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Fall Graduation Ceremony 2016

Fall Graduation Ceremony 2016

The Tokyo Tech community is pleased to welcome all students, parents, family members, and friends to the 2016 Fall Graduation Ceremony. I would like to express my sincere congratulations to all of our graduates today. You have worked hard to be here, and you should be proud. I would also like to take this opportunity to express my respect to the students' families who have given so much to support the education of these men and women.

On this special day, we celebrate the graduation of 41 students with bachelor's degrees, 134 students with master's degrees, 12 students with professional master's degrees, and 79 students with doctoral degrees. All of you have displayed great potential for the future and have opened yet another new page in the 135-year history of the Institute.

More than half of you gathered here, 156 out of 266 graduates, are from foreign countries. Studying abroad has not been an easy challenge for you. Instead of a short stay for a summer program, for example, you pursued a degree to reach your own goal, staying away from your home country for many years. Experiencing a different culture and language was particularly hard, at least for the first several months. However, as time went by, you must have started feeling comfortable and also establishing your own lifestyle. Along with such experiences, there were difficult times when you had to overcome the assignments in the course of your work toward a degree. But every piece of experience you have had here is an invaluable treasure of your life in the future. Today, you should be proud of yourselves as graduates of Tokyo Tech the top science and technology university in Japan.

Many of you will soon be in an exciting, new environment as you enter work life. Society will expect great things of you as graduates of Tokyo Tech. As you gain experience and begin to fulfill these expectations with the skills you now possess, you can also start proposing new, innovative ways to move forward. You can start thinking one step ahead. Wherever you work, strive to improve yourself, perhaps by learning the basics of corporate management or taking on another foreign language. Make full use of your abilities, challenge yourself, and broaden your horizons.

Fall Graduation Ceremony 2016

Those of you advancing to master's programs will continue to enhance your professional value. You will further equip yourself with the expertise and potential that Tokyo Tech has to offer, after which you will most certainly be asked to fill important roles in Japanese and global society. I hope that you see your future studies not simply as an extension of your student life, but also as an additional opportunity to make your desired future role in society a reality.

The majority of you continuing on to doctoral programs will develop the research theme addressed in your master's thesis as you further strengthen your research capabilities. You will undoubtedly experience the true depth of science and technology. As you discuss your findings with experts within and outside your field of specialization, you will develop a unique perspective that culminates in your doctoral dissertation. I am confident that, as you reach your goal, you will value the process leading up to the final product as much as the product itself.

Some of you obtaining doctoral degrees today will continue in academia, while others will build research careers in the business world. Regardless of your choice, you now possess the ability to execute the elements and processes required to take on complex challenges, and to discover the most elusive solutions. As authorities in your chosen fields, I know you will all demonstrate your talent on the world stage without failure.

The backbone of Japan's 5th Science and Technology Basic Plan, launched by the Council for Science, Technology and Innovation in April 2016, consists of three main components — responding to current economic and social challenges, developing a mechanism for scientific and technological innovation, and creating new value that gives birth to innovative industries and social change — the last of which particularly stands out. As information technology continues to rapidly evolve, and social and economic structures frequently fluctuate, it is said that we live in an age of drastic change. In order to strengthen Japan's industrial competitiveness and ensure a safe, stable, and sustainable society, we must aim for the creation of new industries and the transformation of society. We must accept change and lead in this era of change. We must strive for revolutionary innovations. Regardless of age, specialization, or position in society, we all need to work together to allow innovation and new value to emerge. Flexible thinking sprinkled with a touch of creativity is required of us all. I hope each of you keeps this in mind as you move into the next phase of your life.

Fall Graduation Ceremony 2016

Fall Graduation Ceremony 2016

Today, you are graduating from Japan's finest university in the field of science and technology. You have made it. Whatever path you choose from here, whatever challenges you take on, do so with spirit and enthusiasm. And remember that, wherever your bright future takes you, the Tokyo Tech community is here to support you.

In closing, I wish you all good health, and success in your future endeavors. Thank you very much for your attention and again, congratulations.

September 20, 2016
Yoshinao Mishima
President, Tokyo Tech