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Fall Entrance Ceremony 2017

Fall Entrance Ceremony 2017

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. It is my great pleasure to hold the Tokyo Tech 2017 Fall Entrance Ceremony in the presence of the Board of Directors, deans, directors, and special guests. We are here to celebrate the new students joining us today. You have all worked hard to come this far, and you should be proud of your achievements. Let us also congratulate your parents, and express our deep gratitude for the time, effort, and resources they have dedicated to your life and academic success thus far.

This fall, total enrollment is 420 students coming to us, with 257 entering the master's degree program, 12 entering the professional master's degree program, and 151 entering the doctoral degree program. Among you, we welcome 345 overseas students from 39 countries. You are all now members of an increasingly diverse and multicultural community, namely the Tokyo Tech community, which will provide you with a truly unique experience.

Fall Entrance Ceremony 2017

Tokyo Tech has been sharing these experiences for over 136 years. Since its beginnings, the Institute has endeavored to nurture ambitious students with strong scholastic abilities, the capacity to integrate diverse perspectives and approaches which provide real-world solutions, and the creative competence to become future pioneers in various fields of science and technology. While firmly adhering to these commitments, Tokyo Tech has also been swiftly pushing for change in recent years. These changes include a revamped curriculum and enhanced efforts to boost our research strengths. Each one of you will take full advantage of these changes.

Earlier this year, based on workshops involving various members of the Tokyo Tech community, the Institute formulated the Tokyo Tech 2030 statement. This statement — while being both a visualization of the Institute's future and a symbol of our unity — also consists of three actions that will help each of you build your individual strengths. PURSUE….ENGAGE…..and TRANSFER.

Therefore, as new members of Tokyo Tech, I ask you all to PURSUE. Pursue unconventional ideas and approaches. Pursue answers, but also questions. Pursue discovery. Pursue your vision, your ambitions, your passions, your dreams. Tokyo Tech knowledge is born from creativity and individual diversity, and we value the unique expertise of each individual.

I ask you to ENGAGE. Engage your professors and fellow students. Engage your audience. Engage the community. Engage the world. Engage in dialogue and debate. Engage in learning and research, but also in sport, art, music, or volunteer activities. As members of Tokyo Tech, you have access to numerous autonomous bodies that aim to enhance student, university, and local community life.

And lastly, I ask you to TRANSFER. Transfer information to one another. Transfer your skills to those around you who are willing to learn. Transfer the various forms of knowledge you acquire to benefit the lives of others. As students of Japan's finest university in science and technology, the novel ideas you share will inspire others and contribute to the prosperity and well-being of those who need our help the most.

In closing, I wish that all of you enjoy a successful student life here at Tokyo Tech. Take care of your health, be ambitious, and work hard toward your goal.

Once again, congratulations to you all, and welcome to the Tokyo Tech community!

September 22, 2017
Yoshinao Mishima
President, Tokyo Tech

Tokyo Tech 2030

An alternate future
The Tokyo Tech 2030 statement, consisting of spirit and action, formulated in a series of workshops by members of the Tokyo Tech community

Tokyo Tech 2030