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Fall Graduation Ceremony 2017

Fall Graduation Ceremony 2017

The Tokyo Tech community is pleased to welcome all students, parents, family members, and friends to the 2017 Fall Graduation Ceremony. I would like to express my sincere congratulations to all of our graduates today. Let us also express our respect to your families, who have given so much to support your academic progress.

On this special day, we celebrate the graduation of 35 students with bachelor's degrees, 154 students with master's degrees, 9 students with professional master's degrees, and 84 students with doctoral degrees. All of you have displayed great potential for the future and have opened yet another new page in the 136-year history of the Institute.

More than half of you gathered here, 171 out of 282 graduates, are from overseas countries. Studying abroad has not been an easy challenge for you. Yet you pursued your passion, remained resolute at times of difficulty, and applied your creativity to achieve your goal. Today, you should be proud of yourselves as graduates of Tokyo Tech, Japan's finest university in science and technology.

Many of you may have read "Tokyo Tech 2030," a statement recently formulated by the Tokyo Tech community to visualize the present and future of the Institute. Allow me to recite the first part of this statement to you today:

Out of reach,
beyond belief,

This is the world we envision
as we stand at the chasm of potential,
on the path to well-being
for all humankind.

We relish the thousand failures
that push us through the darkness
in search of that elusive solution.

The dream we share knows no boundaries.

We advance together.

Our unfearing minds resist the stereotype,
refute the pre-established,
and embrace the unconventional,
for we see
an alternate future.

Fall Graduation Ceremony 2017

This spirit not only depicts the unity of our community, but also represents the unique strengths acquired by each of you through your Tokyo Tech experience. It embodies the creative vanguard and individual diversity from which Tokyo Tech knowledge is born, and the high aspirations and integrity at the core of our vision. As you move into the next phase of your life — whether it be a master's or a doctoral program, or a new, exciting position in academia or the business world — I encourage you to continue embracing this spirit.

Whatever road you choose from here, whatever problems you decide to address, continue to pursue discovery and excellence, engage yourself and others, and build on and share the skills and knowledge you possess to create an improved, alternate future. If you hit a wall, think of your Tokyo Tech friends, labmates, and professors, and the challenges you conquered together. Draw courage and motivation from the fact that you are lifelong members of the Tokyo Tech community. Regardless of where our individual paths may lead us from now on, let us remain united in one spirit and purpose, and strive together to ensure the prosperity and well-being of the world with the power of science and technology.

  • Fall Graduation Ceremony 2017
  • Fall Graduation Ceremony 2017

In closing, I wish you all good health, and continued success in your future endeavors. Thank you very much for your attention and again, congratulations.

September 20, 2017
Yoshinao Mishima
President, Tokyo Tech

Tokyo Tech 2030

An alternate future
The Tokyo Tech 2030 statement, consisting of spirit and action, formulated in a series of workshops by members of the Tokyo Tech community

Tokyo Tech 2030