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Undergraduate Spring Graduation Ceremony 2016

Undergraduate Spring Graduation Ceremony 2016

Students, parents, members of the Board, deans, directors, and special guests, the Tokyo Tech community is delighted to welcome you all to the Ookayama Campus for the 2016 Spring Graduation Ceremony for bachelor's degree students. Congratulations to all of our graduates, particularly those of you who left your home countries behind and have now successfully completed your degrees. Let us also express our respect to your families, who have given so much to support your academic progress.

I am certain that all the young men and women here today are full of dreams and ambitions as you envision the possibilities that lie ahead of you. Those of you entering the workforce are ready to make full use of your solid fundamental knowledge and skills while boldly taking on new tasks. I encourage you to move forward with strong spirit and flexibility as you contribute to society.

Those of you advancing to master's programs will build on the knowledge you have accumulated to enhance your professional abilities, after which you will undoubtedly be asked to fill important roles that promote the sustainable development of Japan and the world. I hope that you see your graduate studies not simply as an extension of your student life, but also as an additional opportunity to make your desired future role a reality.

Last fall, Tokyo Tech's Honorary Professor Yoshinori Ohsumi was awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine. An honor proudly embraced by the whole Tokyo Tech community, this acknowledgement truly highlighted the importance of fundamental research. The elucidation of the mechanisms of autophagy — the degradation and synthesis of cellular proteins in living beings — could not have been achieved without the professor's striking originality and sheer tenacity. The pure scientist within him saw no need to dwell upon the practical purposes of his research. While wishing the professor many more years of success, I am pleased that all of you have the chance to draw inspiration from him as you progress towards new discoveries and accomplishments.

On the other hand, urgent technological solutions are required to solve pressing global problems that hinder the improvement of human life. Developing renewable energy sources to suppress global warming, creating technologies to predict and mitigate damage caused by earthquakes and other natural disasters, and securing stable food and water supplies are just some of the challenges that the whole world faces. You will soon be working with other brilliant young minds across geographical and cultural borders to help solve these problems. With the rapid development of information technology, the creation of a prosperous future relies on unique ideas generated through your expertise in science and technology. Thanks to artificial intelligence, up to 50 percent of current jobs will no longer require people 20 years from now. Successfully creating and sustaining that future society is up to you.

You are all now graduates of Tokyo Tech. Carry yourselves with pride. Tackle any issues that present themselves confidently and proactively as you contribute to and become valued, trusted members of global society. Spare no efforts in utilizing your wide range of skills and knowledge, out-of-the-box thinking, and ability to effectively work with other people to create new knowledge, design and protect a sustainable society, and provide people with an environment of well-being and peace.

I pray for your bright and successful future.

March 27, 2017
Yoshinao Mishima
President, Tokyo Tech